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SIVECO Romania - a reliable partner in developing outsourcing solutions

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Bucharest, 10th April 2003 - Beginning with this year organizers, a major and important event of the software and services industry, decided to associate new manifestations to the main event.

One of these manifestations was the International Outsourcing conference, organized by CIPE-USAID Romania in association with ANIS and other institutions in Tech 21 Coalition. International experts in the field, , among which members of similar IT associations from Central and Eastern Europe attended the conference.

SIVECO Romania's presence in this event dedicated to Romanian companies interested in the expansion on foreign markets, was justified by the company's extended capabilities and rich experience in the field.

"It is worth mentioning that almost half of the company's turnover comes from export and that the list of projects developed by SIVECO Romania for international customers includes names as ABB Belgium, Amano Belgiun, HP Germany, Feldmann Media Group (Germany), Cesky Mobil (Czech Republic), Internet Driver (USA), Lockheed Martin USA, Nepenthes (France) and many more. Many of these collaborations became long time partnerships in other different projects - such an example is HP Germany or Nepenthes France" declares Bogdan Neacşu, Account Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The fact that all these customers chose SIVECO Romania as their partner is based on the extended capability and numerous references the company has in the field of project-oriented services - object oriented analysis (OAA), data modulation, object oriented programming (OOP), especially C++ and Java, web programming, procedural and non-procedural programming, object oriented design, data oriented design, user interface design, relational and non-relational database design, n-tier applications development and design, using Oracle tools, including SQL programming, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms.  

The concern for quality manifested by SIVECO Romania is validated by one of the most exigent international certification organizations - AFAQ ASCERT. This represents an important element for SIVECO Romania international partners.

"By a certification in the quality system, an organization gains the trust of its international partners, customers and of the society in general because it operates according to the international standards recognized all over the world," Neacsu emphasized.

SIVECO Romania's activity is oriented in such directions that the international customers perceive it more as a partner for implementing complex projects and less as software provider on client's request. In conclusion, the fact that SIVECO Romania was placed in the top of the short selection list at the bid for Primary Medical System Information in Croatia, the package meant for the headquarters, in association with IN2 Croatia, Microsoft Croatia and HP Croatia, represents the premises for beginning such a large project.

SIVECO Romania has the necessary abilities for providing services for the entire project life cycle:

-Requests engineering

-Demands detailed analysis

-Source code writing

-Quality control


-Technical support

-Project management