SIVECO Romania, for the second consecutive year amongst the top best employers | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania, for the second consecutive year amongst the top best employers

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Bucharest, 5th October 2006 –  „Capital” business magazine has released the second edition of the best employers top, entitled „Employees have decided”.

The management of SIVECO Romania SA showed considerable openness towards the study realized by “Capital” magazine in collaboration with “GFK Romania”, a market research institute; this study measures the degree of employees’ satisfaction related to their employers.

 “We consider that the most precious asset of a company are its employees, it’ s to them that we owe all achievements of our organization. That’s the reason why we continuously invest in improving their competencies, by creating the best conditions for their professional development. I consider this is really important, always bringing best results, because only when you are motivated and you like what you do, you can reach performance. A stimulating work environment, recognition of individual and team work skills, material rewards are equally important”, states Dana Bichir, Human Resources and Quality Manager of SIVECO Romania.

The study that leads to this best employers’ top, was based on the answers at questionnaires received from 150 employers, from the initial 350 invited to participate.

 The research was based on 37 different selection criteria, grouped in 4 major categories, criteria that are continuously followed by SIVECO Romania SA, through our internal audit system, that measures employees’ work satisfaction and evaluates their personal career development.

 SIVECO Romania SA is ranked among the best companies to work for, position resulted from adding the following breakdown categories: conditions for individual development, quality of internal co-operation, salary and financial benefits, work conditions.

This position comes as a confirmation of SIVECO’s the permanent concern to  improve employees’ competencies and working condition, moreover, SIVECO Romania is for, the second time, nominated by Capital magazine amongst the top best employers.

As the company is focused on developing and integrating software technologies, the management of SIVECO considers the quality of its specialists the key for performance and for regional and international competitiveness. That’s the reason why it is a priority for the company to recruit the best-prepared specialists, offering them motivating work conditions and continuous career development by trainings in Romania and abroad. The company takes great pride in its young, serious and professional team, formed as results of its efficient human resources policies. 

SIVECO Romania constantly invests in personal training, allocating each year an important part of its budget for the improvement of its specialists. For example, only in the firsts half of 2006, around 250 employees have attended external training courses. There are various training domains proposed by the company and every employee has access to proper training courses: technical, programming and managerial ones and also to a personal career plan.

In the same time, the company offers training programs, for managerial skills, thus allowing employees to reach a top management position.

„SIVECO Romania has a young and dynamic team who consistently demonstrated its excellence in the IT sector, valid proof for this are the numerous internal and international awards and recognitions. I am proud to work with such employees and I believe there is an opportunity and a privilege for everybody who choose to work here. SIVECO Romania is certainly the place where you can become the best, because you have the chance to work with the most qualified specialists in the area.” says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.