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SIVECO Romania at the second edition of the Virtual Learning National Conference

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Bucharest, 3rd November 2004 – The most significant scientific event in the field of computer-assisted learning took place at the Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty in Bucharest between 29-31 of October 2004 - the second edition of the Virtual Learning National Conference (

     The success of this year edition was given by the quality of the 103 works presented, by the massive participance, expert-in-the-field audience, made up by more than 200 teachers from both academic and undergraduate educational system. 

Both the quantity and quality of most of the papers prove that a certain attitude grew among the players on the educational market, a pedagogical vision never before occured in the history of education, not even by legislative initiatives.

This year edition of the Virtual Learning National Conference had three debates sessions:

A.      eLearning Technologies- implementation and applications

B.     Educational Software for the academic environment

C.     Educational Software for the undergraduate system,

and an educational software exhibition.

          ”The absolute novelty of the Virtual Learning National Conference 2004 is a contest addressed to all the participants whose works were published in the event book. The awards are consistent and challenging for all the participants in the conference. We have been strongly supported in this activity by the software house SIVECO Romania, an extremly active player on the educational software market, who granted 8 awards. We are very pleased for their being again at our side this year”, says prof. Vlada, the event organizer.

The awards sponsored by SIVECO Romania were:

  • The special awards "SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency " –participation od the Educational Software Confernece and Exihibition EDUCA Berlin
  • "SIVECO România" creativity award- a laptop
  • 6 "SIVECO România" popularity awards – flash memories,

and will be handed to the winners on the 8th of November, at the Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty within the University of Bucharest.

During the exhibition –which took place simultanuously, SIVECO Romania presenetd the eLearning platform AEL, recently nominee by the European Commission for the European IST Prize.

Both professors and students were extremely interested in AEL and visited, therefore, SIVECO stand during the breaks. The students even experimented the e-Learning methods by Math, Physics and Chemistry on-line tests. The future Math teachers were delighted to see this modern educational tool they’ll be able to use with their future students right from the beginning of their teaching career. They appreciated, on one hand, AEL interactivity level and facilities and regretted, on the other hand, the fact that they could not use such a learning tool when they were pupils.

„The organizers  - The Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty, a traditional academic institution, to which, as a graduate, I will always be very emotionally attached, deserves all our aplauses for the brilliant way it succeedded to turn into a tribune for computer assisted learning promotion”, says Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.