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SIVECO Romania Seminar in Cluj-Napoca

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bucharest, March 25, 2005 – The latest SIVECO Romania seminar, dedicate to companies interested in software products for optimal management and usage of the internal resources, took place at Cluj-Napoca.  The SIVECO Romania specialists together with its partner SISTC held the presentations, addressing representatives from several industries, such as transports, telecommunications, distribution, banks and local public administration.

The integrated information solutions provided by SIVECO Romania were presented from two points of view: the transactional level, ensured by the EAS type product, SIVECO Applications, and the decisional level, ensured by the management analysis tool, SIVECO Business Analyzer. During the seminar there has been presented the document and workflow management system, SIVADOC.

The distribution process solutions benefited from special attention, based on a demonstrative application, which presented the way such processes are monitored and managed.

The advantages of using an integrated information system are numerous, such as increased productivity, better control and resources, grouped in tangible and intangible benefits.

Among the tangible benefits we mention:

  • lower stocks by 20%, by improving planning and scheduling;
  • 5% costs off with the materials, by improving procurement procedures, negotiations with the providers;
  • 10% costs off with direct and indirect handwork, by improving production processes;
  • improved financial coordination leads to 18% shorter invoice payment terms.

From the intangible benefits, a special attention deserve the following aspects:

  • better control over the product modifications, with consequence over product design;
  • consequence over products and materials management (production process simulations);
  • consequences over the sales (improvement of the delivery deadlines);
  • consequences over the Management System (management focus for improving organizational structure, clients’ request, etc.)

The integrated package SIVECO Applications is developed entirely in Romania, flexible and suitable for the Romanian economy.  Gathering 12 years of experience in development and implementation, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed progressively, based on its beneficiaries’ requirements, dealing successfully with the rapid and drastic legal and technological changes on the Romanian and international markets. The integrated feature of the packages’ components is given by the unitary conception used for their development, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, the development environment and the database server, Oracle. The user benefits from the same graphic interface, working styles, information objects. Also the data security is treated the same, as the access rights can be set as detailed as possible.

An Management Information System groups and evaluates the information in most various forms: general reports, sales and marketing analysis, planning and prognosis, financial consolidations, legal reports, budget analysis, profitability analysis etc.

The Management Information System, SIVECO Business Analyzer, acts like an integrator for the system’s information, and its main advantages are:

  • Supports the decision process in planning monitoring, controlling and forecast activities;
  • Information support for adopting cost controlling strategies and profit growth sources;
  • Synthesis, coherent, consistent and real-time information;
  • Graphic or spreadsheet form analysis, easy to manage and customize.

The users can define the default analysis latter, by the criteria and final output format they choose.

The document management system SIVADOC developed by SIVECO Romania simplifies the document flow, cuts the time to answer and allows activity monitoring.

Given the rapid access to information, documents and the possibility to control the activity progress, the institution will be able to provide quality services to its clients, it will ensure transparency for its actions and it will be ready for information exchange with other organizations.

To demonstrate the integrated featured of the system, the team presented the automated activity for a contract approval through the specific workflow and its monitoring and execution with mechanisms specific for the financial-accounting area.

One of the success stories for the public administration is the project implemented at the Bucharest City Hall, together with other projects in the documents and workflow management area – SIVADOC, recently implemented at the Buzau City Hall, and the information portal for electronic services – Info-Kiosk, functional for the 5th Sector City Hall.