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SIVECO Romania Seminar for presenting the company's solution for production assistance and report

Monday, April 7, 2003

Bucharest, 7th of April 2003 - SIVECO Romania continues this year the presentation seminars of its ERP solution - SIVECO Applications for its potential customers, as it strongly believes that direct dialogue between company specialists (with expertise certified by numerous successful references in Romania and abroad) and potential clients in all industrial and commercial areas is beneficial for medium and long tem business relationships.

SIVECO Romania seminar, organized last week in Bucharest focused on the presentation of a new SIVECO Applications component: Production Management module.

The ability to react promptly to customers? requests is a priority for most production organizations. The performance level depends as well on production scheduling flexibility, that is on deliveries promptness, reduced delays, existent schedules easy adjustments.

"Production Management was created for assisting the entire production cycle and covers production preparation, launch and follow-up", declares Ioan Silvestru ANCA, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania. "The application provides, by a specific module, an active support for production and supply scheduling departments."

Among the component?s main advantages there can be mentioned:

  • The application offers the possibility to integrate a PDM (Product Date Management) system, a "third party" meant to assist the technologic designing departments; it offers the possibility to collect the data directly from the system, reducing thus the efforts for defining the product technologies and structure.
  • Assistance for the user for an optimum resource use (material, human, equipments, machines).
  • The support for finding out the direct costs at the level of each production order, detached on cost elements established by the user, represents another tool the application provides, in order to improve the economic performances. The application is able to achieve, by its integration in the system, both a previous and a future calculation of the costs for each product order.
  • providing the product features conformity with quality standards regulations, by the module for manufactured product quality management, which processes this information and releases the necessary documents.

In order to develop this application SIVECO Romania signed, in fall 2002, a partnership contract with a Dutch company, Prolog Development Center S/A, in order to obtain Value Added Reseller right for CAPS (Computer Aided Planning and Scheduling) enterprise 2.0 version, Oracle version software product.

Acquiring the rights for using this product involved completing Production Management functionalities ? in a very short time the objective has been successfully reached, the application being now integrated with real-time functionality in SIVECO Applications.

"We decided to collaborate with Prolog Development Center A/S, international leader in developing knowledge systems and expert systems, as well as in declarative programming, precisely due to the company's reputation on the market to provide latest technologies integrated with others in the same class. Our choice was based on our wish to create high-quality products, able to meet the expectancies our clients are used to. The products we create address as well to external markets, where competition is extremely tough", declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The products created by Prolog Development Center A/S address heavy industry and aeronautical field, transports and public administration, health system or alimentary system; 90% of the Dutch hospitals, 37 local administrations, companies such as McDonalds and KFK, Norwegian organizations such as Norsk Hydro and Posten Norge, international Red Cross, 56 Danish nuclear monitoring stations, Baltic countries, Poland and Russia, SITA ? IT solutions leader for aeronautic industry and most international aeronautic companies (SAS, TWA, Swissair, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines, AirOne, DACAIR, LOT, MALEV etc) are among the companies using solutions based on latest scheduling systems created by Prolog Development Center A/S