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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Bucharest, 9th April 2003 - The second edition aims to be one of the most important events in the Romanian software and services industry, a forum concentrating the participants' interest in developing this activity field.

SIVECO Romania, which also took part in the first edition of the Software and Industry National Exhibition, a successful event which determined the organization of a new such manifestation, promptly answered the organizers' invitation, convinced that software products promotion fulfils the growing demands of all branches in our national economy.

In association with "The Association of Water Companies" (ARA), SIVECO Romania presented, during the conference dedicated to the software solutions for energy, water and gas industry, "SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System".

"SIVECO integrated package contributes decisively to a change in its users' mentalities and working methods" declared Sorin Dimofte, Implementation Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.

"Developed entirely in Romania, this complete ERP solution dedicated to small and medium companies, reflects SIVECO Romania experience ? the total effort for developing and implementing SIVECO Applications integrated system was about 40 specialists per year, during a 7 ?year time period."

Many successful references certify the value of the ERP solution SIVECO Romania develops and commercializes.

Besides "Constanta Sea Harbour Administration", "SNP PETROM", "Romanian Customs", TERMOELECTRICA branches, ALRO Slatina etc., the success stories portfolio also contains a representative member of ARA, "The Autonomous Water Enterprise in Valea Jiului (RAAVJ)".

The Integrated Information System implemented at RAAVJ represents not only a reference for an ARA organization, but also a national premiere.

Description of RAAVJ information system

During the implementation process of the regional program for water and environment in Valea Jiului, financed by BERD, the Romanian Government, the European Community and Hunedoara district council, the possibility for implementing a new integrated system (SII) occurred, due to the savings from BERD loan. This system was meant to cover RAAVJ functional and operational requests. After obtaining the acceptance from BERD, the Ministry of Public Finances and Hunedoara district council, the implementation unit consulted MAC McDonald; thus they established, together with the Information Service from RAAVJ, the design specifications and the task book.

Afterwards, according to BERD procedures, an international auction was organized and, out of 12 companies which have acquired the task book, SIVECO was declared winner.

The contract was signed on the 12th February 2001. The time period for the implementation was extremely short taking into account the project complexity. The product was delivered on 11th of April 2002 at RAAVJ headquarters. A reception commission and a Hunedoara district council representative were present; the latter declared: "I highly appreciate the project complexity and the performance it will lead to in future. That?s why I would like to congratulate SIVECO Romania team for what it has accomplished with RAAVJ project".

RAAVJ Integrated Information System is made up of 3 parts: software (operating systems and dedicated applications), hardware and communications - Local Area Network and Metropolitan Area Network.

The software part contains, beside the 22 functional modules created by SIVECO Romania and Oracle database, operating systems and software packages, Firewall information protection system.

From the hardware point of view the system consists of 99 workstations and 5 IBM servers, as well as 40 HP printers - required by the foreign consultants for the system?s reliability. Another request was to use palmtops for collecting data on the field, such as reading water level, operating data about cashing etc. 40 Compaq palmtops were purchased. The switches, hubs, routers and modems used for connecting all computers were also part of the equipments.

As far as the telecommunications part is concerned, RAAVJ activity takes place on about 200-220 square km, with a total length of over 50 km and a medium width of 4 km, including six towns: Petroşani, Vulcan, Aninoasa, Petrila, Lupeni, Uricani. All the functional departments, cash offices, production sections and other work stations, such as water treatment stations, are connected in the network. Among water treating stations there can be mentioned: Valea de Peşti, Braia, Zănoaga, Taia, Jieţ; Dănuţoni water cleaning station, the central lab, the Sut, RMF and RK sectors. In order to connect RAAVJ headquarters with work stations in the territory, a modern system for computer connection was created; the system is made up of a WAN network, which is a premiere both in Hunedoara and Romania. The network connects, by dedicated telephone lines, RAAVJ work stations. The technical project initial requests - a dial-up connection - were extended by including water treatment stations in WAN network as well. Two new cash centers in Petrosani were also introduced (Horea and Unirii streets). Beside WAN network there is also a local network (LAN) which includes the buildings grouped around the headquarters, the South Sector and the central warehouse.

During SII implementation certain extensions appeared as necessary, because of real problems that the users had to face. For instance, because thousands of consumers were suited for not paying their debts to the enterprise, a new module had to be developed, for solving the disputes with the clients. In the same respect, another module was created in order to follow the payment obligations of large number of consumers who signed a contract with RAAVJ.

The Advantages of Using the Integrated Information System at RAAVJ

By introducing SII both quantifiable advantages and benefits related to improving the image in the relation with the clients could be noticed:

- in the financial accounting activity, the manual work volume for issuing accounting evidences and documents has reduced with about 20-25%, without the need to fire any employee.

- the time necessary stock management reduced with 20%, by an efficient organization of the warehouses and by including the warehouses keepers among the final users.

- as far as the commercial activity is concerned, clients management became more efficient; the time for solving such problems reduced by a computerized problem management.

- 30% increase in maintenance efficiency for the park and for the interventions in the company objectives.

- taking into account that physical persons represent a large number of the company?s clients, SII implementation led to a reduced number of complaints ? the consequence of eliminating wrong invoice calculation risks. The time for work performance has been very much reduced, due to the modern tools SII provided for work schedule, supply and follow-up.

- the enterprise image in relation with business partners (physical and legal persons) had benefited as well of modern software equipments and solutions: pocket computerized systems (palmtops), integration of the system for data acquiring (SCADA) and a GIS system definition.