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SIVECO Romania solutions for the energetic sector

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bucharest, October 12 2004 – During the third edition of the „National Conference for Classical Thermo-mechanical, Nuclear Equipment and Urban Energetic” recently organized by the Energy Services Association within the Mechanical Engineering College of UPB, there were debated several themes of interest for the companies active in the energetic sector:

1.      The development of the thermal energy centralized production and distribution, for increased performance, decreased cost and conformity with Directives 8/2004/EC and 80/2000/EC.

2.      Modern outlook in designing and exploiting classic and nuclear thermo-mechanical equipment.

During this event, SIVECO Romania presented the SIVECO Applications Integrated Information Package Components, for representatives of the public administration, non-governmental organizations, employers, banks etc. The components address mainly to the utilities providers: the Contract, Billing and Litigations Components.

With the Contract Management Components contracts can be defined and monitored, starting with the negotiations until closing or annulment. The contracts are simple or with tree structure, in phases or sub-phases, with as many level as needed. The contract phases can develop successively or in parallel.

“It is important to underline the fact that our solution aligns with the requirements established in governmental decisions, for signed contracts between utilities providers and beneficiaries, for each flat. It is a request that not many billing programs are able to achieve”, said Vasile Neacsu, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

Besides the contract’s basic information (signing date, address, status, availability period, client/provider, contract responsible etc.), this application manages information regarding contract’s articles, the services, delivery, invoicing and payment terms, penalties, commissions and discounts – depending of the contract’s specific. Also, special situations can be controlled, such as wrong tariffs, payment seizing or restrictions.

            The Litigations Management Component ensures providers with a clear evidence of payments refusals and debtors’ legal issues. With this information tool penalties are calculated according to payment delays, notifications upon debtors, legal files, legal orders.

The Billing Management Component addresses especially to utilities providers for tap water, heat, electricity etc., householders, consumption associations and legal persons with large volume of invoices to tackle.

“SIVECO Romania’s expertise in dedicated solutions for this sector is certified by a large number of utilities providers that are our clients, such as Water Authority in Valea Jiului, CET Bacau, Termoficare 2000 Pitesti, CET Iasi”, said Sorin Dimofte, Director for Implementation Department, SIVECO Romania.