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SIVECO Romania solutions for increasing the activities within public administration

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Bucharest, 19th November - The participation in the National Forum "Public Services of General Interest in the Context of Romanian Integration in the European Union", which took place between 17th -18th November at Parliament Palace, under the high patronage of the Romanian Presidency, was for SIVECO Romania an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its solutions abilities for making public administration activities more efficient.

The event was an interactive one - besides the debates related to short and medium term development strategies in fields such as public administration, water supply, solid waste management, urban heating, electricity and natural gas distribution, accommodation and transports, an exhibition has been as well organized, where solutions for such fields were demonstrated live.

Information solution portfolio developed by SIVECO Romania for e-Administration includes products such as SIVECO Applications, the complete ERP solution, for financial, human and material solutions management, SIVADOC, document and work flow management solution, InfoKiosk - Electronic information services, which provides information services able to meet citizens’ requests

 The event importance was emphasized by the Romanian President’s presence, Ion Iliescu, Prime Minister’s Adrian Nastase; the event was attended as well by ministers Vasile Puşcaş, Dan Ioan Popescu, Miron Mitrea and Dan Nica, state secretaries in MEC, MCTC and MCTI, representatives of the most important public services providers and Italian profile companies.

"We are extremely honoured that some of the most prestigious institutions in Romania such as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defense, the institute for Research Development in Informatics or Bucharest City Hall, chose our solutions for e-Administration - and acknowledged thus our efforts for developing and implementing high quality information products ", believes Irina SOCOL, Director General al SIVECO Romania.      

“Romania’s new status as a NATO member and European Union candidate imposes the alignment to international standards both from European perspective and the development of information society. In this context, modernizing all economic fields appears as a significant and specific component of any development strategy."

For public administration modernization means more efficient, transparent and faster public services, closer to citizens’ needs and cost effective. As it understands the public services providers’ need for alignment to Occidental information standard in order to provide its clients high quality services, SIVECO Romania involved actively in modernizing this economic field.

"Improving the services citizens have access to, fast possibility for immediate access to public information, reducing bureaucracy in administration and work volume for public operators are only some of the ways SIVECO understands to facilitate the activities in this field", declares Marian BORCAN, Major Account Manager at SIVECO Romania.