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SIVECO Romania, sponsor of the Informatics Contest at Cantemir Vodă National College

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Bucharest - 21st May 2002 - Initiated by former college students and supported by professor Radu Jugureanu, an informatics contest was organized at Cantemir Vodă National College for the pupils between 9th - 11th forms, an event which is supposed to become a tradition for this prestigious college.

Well-known for its efforts to support the computerization of the under-graduate educational system, SIVECO Romania sponsored this school event which aims to discover young programmers with special skills in the field of educational software (and more).

As expected, numerous pupils participated in this contest.

Structured on two sections, "graphics" and "open source", the contest lasted for six hours, during which 25 works were presented, on various themes, from educational software, architectural graphics, games, personal sites to management operating systems utility applications, client-server applications.

The jury had a very difficult task in evaluating and ranking works, although all competing applications were extremely well done from the content and programming style point of view.

The jury was made up of IT specialists, SIVECO Romania being represented by Lucian Rusu, analyst programmer and educational software specialist.

The awards were submitted on categories. The winners for the Graphics Section were: Coleca Radu (first prize for "Home design"), Coaga Andrei (second prize for "Gallery"), Dragomir Cosmin (third prize for "Firm block").

For the "Open Source" Section the first prize was awarded to Popa Alexandru (for "Educational biology"), Iorgulescu Ştefan (for "Test Master") and Petrişor Alexandru (for "System Manager"). The second prize was awarded to Stoica Cristian for "Remote Admin". The third prize was conferred to Vlad Tarca and Tănasă Şerban (for "Neural net") and to Mandroi Robert and Paraschiv Florin (for "Towers"). All the participants received consolation awards.

The total amount of the awards was of 1000$ and consisted in printers, PC components, specialized books.

Two educational software works were presented hors concours and were very much appreciated by the jury and participants.

Created by 12th form students, assisted by the teachers, the project topics consisted in interactive online chemistry manual (including specific manual information as well as graphic models), and an educational portal (with test modules, timetables, class evidence, catalogue etc.)

Such actions are meant to evaluate the educational software demands and needs by maintaining a permanent dialogue between students and teachers.

Interested in the actual school preoccupations, the company opens the possibility to collaborate with author students and teachers in order to integrate these works in AEL (Educational Assistant for High-schools) system which will be implemented - through the Computerized Educational System promoted by the Ministry of Education and Research - all high-schools and schools in Romania.