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SIVECO Romania successfully implements digital educational content for the schools in Kazakhstan

Friday, November 2, 2012
Over 4,000 interactive lessons will be used in the education process, at national level, by the teachers and pupils in Kazakhstan

SIVECO Romania hosts these days the official visit of a delegation representing the C, the main SIVECO partner within the project "National Education Program in Kazakhstan”. 

The visit of the Kazakh delegation at SIVECO headquarters marks the successf unfolding of the first stage of development and implementation of digital educational content in the schools in Kazakhstan. This stage has taken place during the period March – October 2012 and consisted in providing a collection of 4,200 interactive lessons in Russian and Kazakh language for the subjects such as physics, mathematics, algebra, geometry, but also for vocational subjects. 

The Kazakh delegation is participating in the period of 2 - 3 November in the International Virtual Learning Conference - ICVL, in Braşov, organized by the Bucharest University in partnership with SIVECO Romania for the 7th consecutive year. 

„Through participating n the large scale project of modernizing the education system in Kazakhstan, SIVECO Romania reconfirms its leader position in the field of eLearning at international level and its rich expertise it has in the field of developing modern and high performing solutions for computer aided education. The continuous interest proven by the National Education Program in Kazakhstan to the initiatives we are continuously launching in research and innovation in the education sector honors us. It reconfirms the existence of a strong, long term partnership that we dare developing together “, has stated Irina Socol, President and CEO, SIVECO Romania. 

Participating in the ICVL working sessions, as well as the visits planned in schools in Bucharest and Braşov prove to the Kazakhstan officials the high level of interest of the academic milieu in Romania in developing the most modern technologies in education and research. 

„The solution of digital educational content provided by SIVECO Romania is currently implemented in over 530 schools in Kazakhstan, having as main objective alignment to the modern pedagogical trends by using information technology in schools and providing an attractive leaning environment. The number of schools included in National Education Program will growth in the following years and we estimate that until 2015, the pupils and teachers from over 50% of the schools will benefit from this modern learning solution. Subsequent to the working visit undertaken at SIVECO headquarters and at the ICVL conference, we are convinced that our common efforts if developing innovative solutions in education will continue to have a major impact in the process of modernizing the education system in Kazakhstan”, has declared Yelena Artykbayeva, manager of the digital educational content department for gymnasium and high school within National Information Center, Kazakhstan.