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SIVECO Romania supports activity in sales departments

Friday, July 30, 2004

Bucharest, 30th of July 2004 - Selling products is a decisive element in the activity of all organizations.

Managing coherent and complete information regarding all types of products in a selling process, determine the level of sales at any moment, precise establishing of the most loyal clients of the organization, evolution of sales activity, sales profit - are just some of the key questions to be answered by any organization if it is using Sales Management Component, application developed by SIVECO Romania within SIVECO Applications Integrated Package.

Taking into account the product cycle of life Sales Management Component interacts with other components such as: Inventory Management Component, Procurement Management Component, Financial & Accounting Component, Contracts Management Component, and Transport Management Component.

"Sales Management Component keeps track of every type of inventory transaction that has a sale purpose  (bookings, exits, transfers, merchandise returns)," declares Aurora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications department. "Also, by using the Sales Management Component one can monitor bookings, deliveries, invoicing and enchaments for every client".

Sales Management Component follows the general context offered by SIVECO Applications Integrated: the solutions proposed by SIVECO Romania' specialists are easy to learn, easy to use and work with.

It is easy to have an accurate situation about these processes by using this component, it's utility being also proved by the large number of SIVECO Romania's clients that choose to purchase it. Now, this component is used by more than 500 end users within organizations in different industrial areas that are vital for Romanian economy, such as SNP Petrom or AEROSTAR Bacău.

"The over 50 users within PECO Cluj and its warehouses currently use the new system, wthich enables the dayly monitoring of the situations regarding inventory, sales, encashments, suppliers" says Luminiţa Albu, Manager of Accounting Department within PECO Cluj branch of SNP PETROM.

About Sales Management Component within SIVECO Applications Integrated Package

Sales Management Component provides multiple functionalities such as:

  • Clients track records;
  • Products track records;
  • Automatic records of primary financial documents taking into account inventory transactions;
  • Financial results analysis, for each client, and for more components such as: booking and merchandise deliveries, merchandise returns, invoicing and encashments;
  • Management and monitoring of the goods in custody;
  • The possibility to define within the Financial Accounting Component automatic accounts for accounting documents generated within Sales Management;
  • Automatic recording of documents respecting the current legislation regarding their informational content
  • Automatic listing information and synthesis documents demanded by current legislation;
  • Data confidentiality, protection and security against unauthorized access. Security is ensured at user and functionality level;
  • Saving procedures enabling backup copies of data and programs

The key advantages of this component are organizational as well as financial.

From the organizational point of view, by using this informatics tool redundancies are eliminated, data is homogenized, professional activity is disciplined and in case the organizations are in the territory it enables direct transfer of the financial-accounting data (at data base level) in order to consolidate information at central level.

In the same time, from the financial point of view it enables a complete and just in time connection with accounting (by generating acceptance, transfer, consumption, delivery, product invoicing documents) as well as a precise and instant knowledge about sales situation (which enables to diminish the slow and exceeding inventory).

Other advantages come from the possibility to have online track records regarding sales, track records which are structured by: products, groups of products, organizational structure, clients, period of time, areas and connection with Inventory Management Component (products inventory).