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SIVECO Romania supports “Be intelligent, do not be violent!” campaign

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bucharest, 20th of March 2006 - “Be intelligent, do not be violent!” is an awareness campaign that aims to make people get involve in the fight against violence in schools. Its goal is to reduce violence in schools and targets pupils, teachers and parents.

SIVECO Romania’s initiative to support and involve itself in this campaign continues a series of educational initiatives that promote and support quality in education, being convinced that education means more than sharing information, it also means modeling behavior and character thus contributing not only to developing competencies, intellectual and practical abilities, but also educating pupils to value principles as tolerance and respect with regard to other members of the community.

As an active participant in the educational process and initiator of numerous educational actions, SIVECO Romania brings a significant contribution in ensuring equal access to education and information. It is a fact that the increase of IT knowledge within teachers and pupils facilitates the learning process, stimulate competitiveness and develop pupils’ personality thus and all these stimulates them to study.

Advising them “Be intelligent, do not be violent!” SIVECO Romania invites young people to participate to the two competitions launched within the campaign, competitions that aims to discover and promote talent. 

The school, street and family are equally important for youth education and this is the reason why are not only present in the computer science labs but also we are constantly involved into all issues with regard to education. We truly believe that violence is the result of lack education and information. Thus, we have supported, got involved and started a series of educational initiatives that aimed to improve the educational process and stimulate the interest and participation of all those involved in this process in order to train young generation to be an active element of the society. We are convinced that by ensuring equal chances to information and education and by stimulating young people to study we can fight against social exclusion and delinquency in schools” declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.