SIVECO Romania supports the international promotion of the romaniaIT brand at CeBIT 2007 Hanover | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania supports the international promotion of the romaniaIT brand at CeBIT 2007 Hanover

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bucharest, 20th of March 2007 – During the 21st edition of the most important international event in the field of information and communication technology, CeBIT 2007 Hanover, SIVECO Romania supports, through its own set of values, the industry brad romaniaIT – CreativeTalent. TechnicalExcellence.

SIVECO Romania is a typical example for the growth of the software companies in Romania. Its evolution and perspectives totally support the values communicated by the Romanian IT&C industry: highly qualified employees, creativity, “technical excellence” culture, competitive costs and accessible location.

Creativity has represented for the most important Romanian software house the premise and “engine” of (its) development.

Our team, although consisting of 600 employees, retains the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s debut. Beside excellent education and technical abilities, SIVECO employees are people driven by success, oriented towards career development. This attitude explains the impressive company growth in the last 15 years, from a turnover of $3000 (in 1992) to $42 million (in 2006). We have proved capable of designing, developing and implementing complex solutions, analyzing each project from multiple perspectives. Of course, an essential part was played by the courage of the management to take the risk of treading new paths, as we must not forget that the transition towards a market economy is in itself a great challenge”, states Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager for SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO representatives at CeBIT 2007 have outlined the importance the IT specialists have for Romania as well as for SIVECO, and the great measure of their contribution to the development of the industry and to communicating its values abroad.

The IT industry has developed remarkably through the work of its talented and ambitious specialists, eager to show their worth. Being a private industry right form the start, meaning the debut of the 90’s, IT companies have developed in an environment of healthy pressure, generated by high standards and intense competition.

“Competition was and is the “engine” of development and evolution for SIVECO Romania”, mentioned Anca Crahmaliuc in the presentation during the press conference organized at CeBIT for the launch of the “romaniaIT” brand.

On this occasion, SIVECO’s export of technological expertise was also mentioned – participating in the implementing procedure of the integrated IT system for the National Health Insurance Fund in Bulgaria, the modernization of the education system in Cyprus as well as eLearning and eHealth projects coordinated by the European Commission.  Offering globally competitive ERP, eHealth, eLearning, eGovernment and eAgriculture solutions for the local and international market, SIVECO Romania benefits from an exceptional experience in collaborating with IT leaders such as Intel, HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Bull.

“Romania’s geographical location allows establishing contact with a large number of countries and IT culture. Actually, beside the expertise the company has in eLearnig projects, this criteria represented an important reason for Enterprise Investors’ and Intel Capital’s investments in SIVECO Romania in 2005. Our eLearning solution has received awards at the World Summit Award in Tunis, in Manchester on the occasion of the eEurope Awards for eGovernment and also “best Practice” in Brussels. We believe this proves the capacity SIVECO Romania possesses in understanding the cultural dimension of globalization”, states Anca Crahmaliuc.