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SIVECO Romania, technological partner R&D projects financed by European Comission

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bucharest, 20th of February 2006 - Within the context of globalization era and a highly competitive climate, innovation is today one of the factors that guarantees success. The European Commission takes great interest in innovation and R&D activities, providing  tools and funding within The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)

The EU's Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development is a major tool to support the creation of the European Research Area - ERA, an internal market for science and technology which promotes Excellency, competitiveness and innovation for a better international cooperation and coordination.

For achieving this goal, but also for assuring the consistency, efficiency and added value to the R&D programmes international European consortia were created. Romania takes part in these consortia together with other partners from EU countries and candidates to the EU.

With a proven experience in developing, integrating and implementing large eGovernment and eHealth systems, through a user-oriented methodology compatible with EU standards, the company was invited to take part as a technological partner in European consortia initiated within The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6): R&D ALIS (Automated Legal Intelligent System), which aims to create a platform that gathers legislative information and offers legal counseling; LD - CAST (Local Development Cooperation Actions Enabled By Semantic Technology), which aims to develop a pan-European integrated network for public services, a series of portals which will give access to the users(mainly private companies), to the services provided by the companies registered on the portal and ACGT (Advancing Clinico-Genomics Trials on Cancer), which aims to present the ‘next-step’ in cancer research and fill-in the technological gaps of clinical trials running in Europe and world-wide.

As a technological partner in ALIS and LD - CAST projects, SIVECO Romania will be involved in the development of the software component from drafting functional specifications to its testing and validation in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plan and dissemination of the project. As part of the ACGT project, SIVECO Romania will contribute the development of an European Portal that will enable communication and cooperation between different scientific communities.

„We are very happy that we are able to offer our technological support within important projects financed by the European Union. The fact that we were chosen to be a part of these pan-European consortium proves SIVECO Romania’s capabilities in providing solutions that are competitive at international level. In the same time, Romania’s contribution to the European information Society is another step for our country’s recognition in EU”, declares Lucreţia Maiorescu, Manager European Project Department within SIVECO Romania.