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SIVECO Romania - a ten grade company

Monday, June 10, 2002

Bucharest - 10th June 2002 - SIVECO Romania celebrated, at the end of last week, 10 years since its foundation, together with its customers and partners.

The event, dedicated equally to the company's customers and employees, emphasized SIVECO Romania organizational culture, highly preoccupied by its customers and team members, as well as by quality.

The great conference hall, the terrace and the lawn of the Conference Center were altogether too small to accommodate the numerous friends of the company who recalled, in a very pleasant atmosphere, the successes of the past 10 years.

"When I started to work at the Financial Newspaper, I hadn't heard of SIVECO", said in the beginning of his speech Lucian Mândruţă, the moderator of the event. "Yet I knew about an American company, I don't mention names, that started in a garage. Over time, reading the news about the software solutions market, I understood that the Romanian equivalent of the garage was a dwelling in a Militari block of flats - there where SIVECO started. It's not bad for the first ten years, especially because our valleys, even the sand and silicon ones, as you prefer, are still sown with plum trees and not with microprocessor factories."

Welcoming the guests, the General Manager of the company, Irina Socol, reviewed the company's 10-year life, which was full of success, hard work and passion.

The message of President Ion Iliescu was conveyed by Gheorghe Zaman presidential councilor:

"Beside the applications and systems achieved for the modernization and good organization of the activities of different types of companies, institutions and organizations from Romania and abroad, I wish to highlight the participation of SIVECO Romania in the consortium that ensures the progress of teaching, by introducing and using information and communication technologies in the educational process."

Similar statements were made by Ecaterina Andronescu, Minister of Education and Research, who awarded the company an excellence diploma "for the contribution to the reform of the Romanian educational system" and a wonderful plaquette with a famous citation of Spiru Haret engraved on it: " the soldier who dies to obtain a victory he will not see and of whose triumph he will not enjoy, we have to devote ourselves to prepare circumstances of which we shall only see the beginning, but which will develop slowly for our heirs."

Adriana Ţicău, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, pointed out SIVECO Romania role in the automation process, while Doina Banciu, the Director of the Institute of Research & Development in Informatics declared that "SIVECO Romania present image is that of a solid and respected company, author of numerous "success stories", built through assiduous work, by loyal competition to reach a top position in a continuously evolving software market."

The same positive message came from one of the founders of the Romanian informatics school, Mihai Drăgănescu, member of the Romanian Academy - one of those who believed in SIVECO Romania success.

Dan Leucuţia, Petrosoft General Manager and Adrian Uifălean, coordinator of the EBRD projects from the Valea Jiului Water Administration, spoke on behalf of the customers participating at the event. The common theme of these "acknowledgments" referred to the great SIVECO team availability and flexibility, which aims to provide quality solutions and to build long-term partnerships.

As recognition of the "10 years of continuous and committed activity in Romania", IDG Romania, represented by its General Manager Mihaela GORODCOV, awarded SIVECO Romania the "highest (10) grade" diploma.

In the honor of the company's ten successful years, of the customers and partners, IRIS band and Felicia Filip charmed the audience with a wonderful concert - a precious memory of this anniversary.