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SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency– a nursery for national computer science contests

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Bucharest, March 9th 2005 – At the end of last week, it took place in „Grigore Moisil Computer Science High School” from Iasi the 5th edition of the cross-region programming contest „Moisil’s descendants”.  It took place simultaneously with the 12th round of „.Champion”, „Moisil’s descendants” intends to be a useful stage in training the pupils qualified for the National Computer Science Olympiad will be which will be held in Galati.

SIVECO Romania and Microsoft Romania, the main sponsors of the competition gave awards in the three sections, according to the participants’age.

The Grand Prize and the trophy "Moisil’s descendants" went to DAN-IONUŢ FECHETE from Suceava, with top score. In the senior group, the first prize went to BIANCA MILATINOVICI from the host high school, while the intermediate group went to ANDREI FRIMU from Chitin and the junior one by STEFAN BOBOCESCU KESIKIS from Broil.

„I am happy to see that all the winners are among the first ranked in the competitions held within SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency.. Bianca Milatinovici won the SIVECO Cup last year, Ionut Fechete holds a top position in the .Champion competition, the same as Ştefan (.Champion junior group). I strongly believe that these are not just coincidences, and fully prove that the above mentioned competition greatly contribute to discovering and encouraging the IT talents. I hope the names of the „Moisil’ descendants” winners count among those who will win the National Computer Science Olympiad, and, finally, among those who win Olympic medals for Romania in top international competitions”, states Ştefan Morcov, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania, representing the sponsor in this competition.

About .Champion

Any pupil that has access to a computer connected to Internet can participate at “.Champion”.

The competition is structured according to age levels: first level-pupils up to IX grade; second level-X grade pupils and third level- XI-XII grade pupils, but for those little by age but advanced in informatics field there is the possibility to participate at a higher level.

Those registered in the competition can train themselves in the rounds.

In a round we propose two algorithmic issues. The solution for one issue means to implement the solution in one of the following programming languages: Pascal, C or C++ and to send it for evaluation using the site.

Training rounds alternate with those in the competition. In a training round are proposed

the issues that the participants have to provide a solution within two weeks.

Once a month there is competition round, in which the participants provide solutions to the proposed issues according deadlines, with the purpose to train themselves for informatics competitions. The pupils have to send their solutions only by using the site, by the date and hour specified as the finish moment of that round.

All the solutions are evaluated by an automated evaluation soft, similar with those used at international informatics competitions. The soft has been elaborated by Mihai Patrascu, former international competition winner, now student at M.I.T. and had been used both in 2002 and 2003 trainings of national informatics team, as well as at Balkan Information Contest 2003, that took place in Iasi.

The week after the evaluation, the authors of the issues will post on the web the possible solution for the proposed issues, as well as the tests used for evaluation.

.Champion is coordinated by Emanuela Cerchez and Marinel Serban (teachers, Iasi).

Together with SIVECO CUP, .Champion is part of the SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency, organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research (details on