SIVECO Romania wins the trust of a new client – SC URBAN SA | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania wins the trust of a new client – SC URBAN SA

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Bucharest, January 8, 2005 –  The Romanian services sector is undergoing an intense modernization process, which has been embraced  by the sanitation company Urban SA, the operator that, in several locations such as Bucharest, Rm. Valcea and Otopeni, ensures specific activities such as: waste collection, transport and storage, sorting recycling waste, sanitation.

URBAN SA has been recently certified for implementing an integrated management system.

The certification company TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenmburg Romania, member of the prestigious German company TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenmburg – following the „Certification Audit” – decided to grant the certification for:

  • ISO 9001:2000 – quality management system;
  • ISO 14001:1996 – environment quality system;
  • OHSAS 18001:1999 – work security and health system.

The modernization process is continued with the implementation of an integrated information system, and the chosen solution is the one provided by SIVECO Romania.   The information system to be implemented comprises the most important components of the solution: Production, Inventory, Procurement, Financial-Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Budgets, Investments and SIVECO Business Analyzer, one of the best analysis and reporting applications available on the Romanian market.

            “Our expertise area extends, Urban SA is the largest public sanitation operator, providing services at European standards. This proves the flexibility of our information solution, which meets any request, for any type of organization and industry”, underlines Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.

Image of a ten years experience worth, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed step by step, based on the requirements of its various beneficiaries, meeting successfully the changes in legislation and technology in the Romanian and international environments.

SIVECO Romania understands its clients’ need to manage financial-accounting information, clients and suppliers, fixed assets, contracts, sales, procurement, human resources, cost controlling, services, budgets etc.

The success of SIVECO Applications suite is ensured by several characteristics:

  • It is fully developed in Romania, thus perfectly adapted to the legal frame;
  • The international SIVECO Applications version is released, according to the company’s development strategy to obtaining the European Company status;
  • Presents IAS reporting capabilities, useful for external reports
  • It can be customized according to client’s request and activity, regardless to its size and industry;
  • It enjoys a quite flexible technical support, and an implementation project is not complete until the solution is one hundred percent functional.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a flexible and highly performance Management Information System that monitors and correlates all the business levels of the company, ensuring an analytical and synthetic compilation of the data, in real time.

The integrated feature of the packages’ components is given by the unitary conception used for their development, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, the development environment and the database server, Oracle. The user benefits from the same graphic interface, working styles, information objects. Also the data security is treated the same, as the access rights can be set as detailed as possible.

Moreover, the company’s constant concern to satisfying the clients’ needs and to ease their work shows in the beneficiaries’ high level of satisfaction: 72% declare that SIVECO Romania answers properly and totally to their requirements. The main reasons for the positive appreciations are: the company’s ability to solve clients’ problems, compliance and performance of the provided solutions, as well as good communication.

In 2003, according to the IDC study, SIVECO Applications recorded the largest market share on the EAS market and is leader on the Romanian services market.  SIVECO Romania has 30.9% market share on the business information solutions market, three-times the 2002 market share, ahead international leaders present on the Romanian EAS solutions.