SIVECO Romania won the biggest IT project in the field of education in Morocco | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania won the biggest IT project in the field of education in Morocco

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pupils and teachers from over 9,000 schools in Morocco will use the Romanian AeL eLearning solution

Bucharest, 9th of February 2010 - Starting with 2010 SIVECO Romania becomes the main supplier of IT solutions for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Morocco, within a strategic program at national level for introducing IT into the education system.

"We have achieved an outstanding performance in Morocco, the solutions proposed by SIVECO Romania being considered as the most performant for 3 major projects launched by the Ministry of Education in this country: The Integrated Information System for Education (a national program applied in over 9,000 schools), the Education Portal "GENIE" and the AeL numerical Content for Moroccan schools", said Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President for International Sales within SIVECO Romania.

Within the Emergency Reform Program in Morocco, SIVECO Romania will implement over the next three years an integrated information system based on the AeL solution, adapted to specific requirements to the Moroccan education. This will include - the National Education Database (BDNE), an unique and integrated component dedicated to the collection, validation and accession to data necessary to the management of the education system at all levels (school, school inspectorate, ministry), that will be integrated with a suite of applications for the management of school institutions - AeL School Manager - and for the running of specific education processes: teaching /learning, evaluation and communication - AeL LMS/LCMS.

"SIVECO Romania's experience in implementing national programs of introducing IT into education in Romania, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Republic of Moldova, Lebanon, or the United Arab Emirates has contributed to winning the trust of the Moroccan Ministry of Education in choosing the Romanian solution. Winning these projects creates the prerequisites for a collaboration between SIVECO Romania and the Moroccan Ministry of Education for at least 3 years, with an extension prospect during the following 10 years, within the national program of education reform", added Florian Ciolacu.

The system for management of the educational policy will be a transparent and controlled one, through the consistent data management. The solution supplied by our company is one integrated and standardized at national level. Each school institution will benefit of its own system for the management of information referring to teachers, pupils, employees, resources, while the information will be shared at higher level: districtual, regional and national.

In the first stage of project development will be installed the ASM system (school institutions management by level of study, schools results management, the organization chart, school timetables, the school curricula, performance indicators, etc) in 100 schools, 200 colleges and 400 primary schools in Morocco. Also, the system of education content management (LMS) will be integrated into 100 schools while 9,400 users will be trained.

The users of this project are the Moroccan Ministry of Education, The General Secretariat, general School Inspectorates, and Central Directions, the inspectors, managers of the school institutions, teachers, pupils, parents and data suppliers.

SIVECO Romania is already a well established brand at national and international level in the IT&C and eLearning field respectively, an important know-how exporter, whose solutions and projects have received along the years important international recognition.

"The project of introducing IT into the education system in Morocco will provide both teachers and students of undergraduate level with the possibility to use the latest educational methods. We are happy we can replicate in Morocco the expertise acquired in Romania, during the program of introducing IT into the Romanian education, thus contributing to the development of a modern education system", stated Alexandru Cosbuc, Deputy Manager for International Sales within SIVECO Romania.