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SIVECO Romania - a young, enthusiastic and ambitious team

Friday, April 12, 2002

Bucharest - April 12th 2002 - SIVECO Romania development rhythm, the turnover amount, project number and extent result from the constant investment of the company in people. The personnel training is a permanent concern for SIVECO Romania management team because it is considered to be a way of growing the quality of the delivered products and services.

With quality as main objective, SIVECO Romania provides training courses for all its specialists, in Romania and abroad, collaborating with famous companies such as: QA Training - UK, Oracle, Open University - UK, CODECS, Microsoft, HP, Informix, Sybase, the European Software Institute etc.

" With a turnover of 6.5 million USD registered at the end of 2001, the company has over 125 employees presently, all highly qualified specialists with numerous national and international certifications", declared Irina SOCOL, SIVECO Romania General Manager. "The company invested mostly in its tea. With an average age of 29, our specialists were trained in Romania and abroad and obtained numerous international certifications."

What makes SIVECO Romania one of the most appreciated working places by the young software specialists is the benefit they can draw from their professional and personal qualities, which was demonstrated also at the most recent job fair called JOBSHOP 2002. The BEST student association in Bucharest under the patronage of the Government of Romania and in partnership with Prima TV organized this event, at its seventh edition.

As a result of the previous editions, SIVECO Romania hired a significant number of students who adapted perfectly to the rhythm and requirements of such a great software house. Although very young, they are acquainted with the latest technologies in the field, which they successfully use.

This year, the company looked for the following positions and skills:

- Programmers for distributed applications - for SIVECO Applications and Internet Space development departments

- Oracle programmers - for SIVECO Applications development department

- Implementation and technical support engineers for integrated information systems - for the Implementation and Technical Support department

- Software promotion and sales specialists and software marketing specialists - for the Marketing / Trade department

- Test engineers - for the Quality Assurance and Control department

- Economists specialized in finance and accounting - for the finance-accounting department.

"The 660 CVs submitted for interviews at JOBSHOP 2002 were included in a database that contain all these requests, taking into account that there is a also a recruitment page on the company?s site", declared Viorica Manea, Deputy Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager at SIVECO ROMANIA."The requests are put forward to all department heads. All those who compete for a programming job are invited to pass the specific tests. The selection is made based on the test results."