SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with new reference names of the Romanian industry | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with new reference names of the Romanian industry

Monday, December 6, 2004

Bucharest, December 6, 2004 –  In 2004 the SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio gained new clients, private organizations from a wide range of economic domains.

For the moment, the weight of the private companies in the total of the SIVECO Romania’s beneficiaries reached 60 percent.  This fact demonstrates, once again, the solutions’ high level of reliability of our product, SIVECO Applications”, stated Ms. Irina Socol, General Manager SIVECO Romania.

The companies that became SIVECO Romania’s clients come from different industries, verifying the product’s flexibility, able to met every request, for any type of organization and industry.

GIURGIU NAV, GENERAL TURBO, CERONAV CONSTANTA, ALCOA FUJIKURA-ROMANIA, SERVTRANS INVEST and CONGAZ are only some of the companies that choose to update their business processes with the help of SIVECO Applications information solution.

This reality reflects the high level of the economic organizations’ awareness for the control and coordination of the internal resources a powerful information solution provides, with positive influence for the activities’ profitability for preparing for an international environment.

Concentrating an over ten years experience of development and implementation, the information solution SIVECO Application developed continuously, based on the more diverse clients’ requirements of its numerous beneficiaries, tackling successfully rapid and extreme legal and technological changes on the Romanian and international market.

In 2003, according to the IDC study for 2003, SIVECO Applications recorded the largest market share for the EAS (Enterprise Applications Suite) solutions and is leader for the IT services on the Romanian market.  SIVECO Romania holds a 30.9 percent share of the business information solutions, which means tripling its share compared to 2002 and ranking ahead world leading providers on the Romanian market.