SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with a reference name in construction - erecting domain, TMUCB SA | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with a reference name in construction - erecting domain, TMUCB SA

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bucharest, 26th of July 2006 – Recently, SIVECO Romania portfolio of clients enriched with a reference name  in construction - erecting domain - TMUCB SA.

TMUCB-SA - Chemical Equipment Erection Trust-Bucharest is one of the biggest in companies activating in petrochemical industry, a reference name in erecting domain.  

The company is specialized in the design, manufacture, assembling and erection of technological equipment, storage tanks and double wall tanks for fuel distribution stations, piping systems, metallic structures etc.

Understanding the advantages that the latest technology offers in streamlining the its business processes TMUCB SA management chose SIVECO Applications integrated package: Financial-Accounting Management Component, Fixed Assets and Inventory Items Management Component, Contracts Management Component, Production Management Component, Inventory Management Component, Maintenance Management Component, Human Resources Management Component and Payroll Management Component as well as  SIVECO BUSINESS ANALYZER. The components  recently purchased by the company, offer all the necessary functionalities for streamlining the business processes within TMUCB, which will ensure the increase of profitability of the company and lead to competitive advantages on the market.

The implementation of these components, part of SIVECO Applications integrated package will help the company reach its main organizational objectives:

- eliminating any deficiency within production workflow,
- prevent all  inconsistencies between all stages of the production processes
- ensure the compliance of the activity with all legal stipulations as well as all the regulations regarding the quality and the environment.

Also will contribute to:

- increased activity effectiveness,
- increase in the received, processed and transmitted data coherence and accuracy,
- better control of the access to and activity flow,
- increased control at financial level,
- increased information security,
- costs reducing,
- trustful and in-time information as fundament for decision making process etc.

We are honored that TMUCB SA chose our EAS solution. Every new project is for us a great responsibility, but I am sure that the implementation of SIVECO Applications within TMUCB SA is going to be a success for us as well as for our clients. SIVECO Romania’s team is a team of professionals, able to ensure the level of quality declared in each stage of the implementation” says Sorin Dimofte, Manager of Direct Sales and Consultancy Department within SIVECO Romania.