SIVECO Romania's Efforts for Developing Solid, Long-term Partnerships Are Acknowledged at Binary 2002 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania's Efforts for Developing Solid, Long-term Partnerships Are Acknowledged at Binary 2002

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Bucharest, October 1st 2002 - A manifestation attended by most IT&C organizations, BINARY is the place where the products are launched and become familiar to the client.

The 5th edition of the National Exhibition for Evaluating the Soft Industry - Binary 2002 - where 86 companies took part, ended Saturday, 28th September, with a celebration during which the national awards have been presented.

On this occasion, the Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools (AEL), developed by SIVECO Romania and the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC) has been awarded, at the educational soft category, with a special distinction. The program already has several international acknowledgements, such as that at the World Educational Market (Lisbon, May 2002) or at the European Conference about the e-Government programs (Ljubliana, June 2002). AEL is part of the Information Educational System, a component of the under-graduate system reform strategy initiated by MEC.

"SEI and AEL (the backbone of the software applications developed within the program for school computerization started by MEC in 2001) aim to support the learning/ teaching process in schools and high-schools with modern tools, compatible with the present level of the educational systems used all over the world", declared Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania. "AEL is a very good example of partnership between the public and private sector."

The collaboration with Oracle represents for SIVECO Romania a strategic partnership, started in 1995.

SIVECO collaborates with Oracle on several plans: technical, commercial and marketing. The most important product in the company, SIVECO Applications ERP package, is developed in Oracle technology. Besides the competences in the Oracle strategy, SIVECO Romania is also able to implement the Oracle Applications product. Moreover, Internet Space department has numerous projects promoting the most recent Oracle technologies. For instance, the technological platform for AEL is Oracle 9i.

SIVECO Romania is part of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and the special award that Oracle Romania offered to SIVECO at BINARY 2002 acknowledges "The general contribution as an OPN partner at the economy of oracle Romania."

"It is a very important award for us, as it represents an acknowledgement of our contribution and efforts for promoting Oracle technology in Romania and abroad", says Ioana Pana, Business alliance Manager at SIVECO Romania.