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SIVECO Romania’s information solutions help identifying ways to keep and motivate valuable employees

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bucharest, May 12, 2005 – Decision makers in the HR departments of the top Romanian companies reunited yesterday at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, summoned by IDG for debating the “IT integration and optimum management of the Human Resources department”.

The participants reached themes such as the advantages of the HR integrated information solutions, the use of the web technologies for recruitment, HR outsourcing, the criteria for selecting the best IT solution for HR, the IT solutions customization for HR.

An HR department’s activity for most companies is rather sketchy, resuming mainly to simple evidence of the personnel related data, also evidence of their training and attended courses.

The information applications developed by SIVECO Romania for the HR departments are viable instruments, able to ease and streamline their activities.

Among the main advantages a dedicated solution brings there are better evidence and HR management, with positive effects in retaining valuable employees.  It manages the personnel related activities, regarding the professional and performance levels, the courses and the promotion policies of the company. It also manages the cost of various activities (courses): courses providing companies, lectors and faculty, careers etc.

For the moment the payroll remains the main activity for a human resources department, and spending with the HR applications are often seen as expensive, of less importance and not tangible ROI. The ever-growing expectations of the employees regarding personal and career development enhance modern mechanisms for performance evaluation and periodic training activities.  The transition from policies based strictly on wage to complex perk packages – health insurance, bonus for supplemental worked hours – will lead to advanced HR applications.

The Human Resources Management Component from SIVECO Applications integrated package coordinates and monitors all personnel related activities.  Starting with the recruitment process to the career development procedures, the component ensures coherent information as base for guidance and motivation policies.

The Human Resources Management Component allows:

  • Personnel selection and recruitment;
  • Employees evidence with numerous personal and professional details;
  • Professional training evidence;
  • Individual career development monitoring;
  • Evaluation methodology for employees efficiency based on quantitative and qualitative indicators;
  • Statistic reporting for various indexes.

The training component of the HR departments’ activities is approached through the e-learning platform AeL Enterprise, the first tool of this type developed entirely in Romania.  AeL is designed for computer assisted learning (CAL), and can be used also for distance learning – computer based learning (CBL).

The system enjoys a flexible structure, in organization also in education tools manageability (interactive sessions with multimedia capabilities, video-conferences, integration with MS Office documents, movies and multimedia).

AeL Enterprise presents testing capabilities, to help companies measure the impact and efficiency for the training programs for continuous development.