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SIVECO Romania’s integrated solutions - a support for Business a Intelligence approach

Monday, April 3, 2006

Bucharest, 3rd of April 2006 - On a dynamic and competitive market, the final results, reports and analysis become more and more important for the decision making process in order to have  positive results on a long term. 

For a company efficient management, managers need complete, consistent and coherent information, received in real-time, that can point out a rapid and efficient reaction in decision making.

Business Intelligence approach reunites business and IT instruments binding together the defining strategy process and the strategy implementation process. The implementation of such a solution puts forward a business reorganization by the transition of activity automation to that of the processes, by stepping from a fragmentized approach to an end-to-end approach and by improving analysis process. 

SIVECO Romania SA recent participation to SolePAD Conference in Constanţa, offered the participants the chance to find out about the company’s latest integrated solutions -a support for a Business Intelligence approach.

SIVECO Romania offers dedicated business intelligence solutions, that is integrated in EAS systems or stand-alone solutions.

Such a product is SIVECO Business Analyzer, an instrument that can stand-alone or can be implemented as part of an integrated system and, which by means of the analysis instruments it provides, it helps the managers identify the important trends of the market in order to plan their own policy, supports the decision-making process in planning, follow-up, control, forecasting and prognosis activities and new revenue streams.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a flexible and high performance Management Information System that monitors and correlates all the levels of the company’s activity enabling a real-time analytical and synthetic data processing. Also, using WHAT IF?" scenarios, simulations and forecasts of the economic-financial indicator dynamics, economic organizations have access to consistent information both for short and medium term managerial decisions and for establishing the long term policy and strategy.

"Business Intelligence solutions are a necessity for any company that wish to initiate any structural changes with minimum risk and maximum efficiency, in order to survive and be successful  on a market that continuously change. It is useful and necessary after the structural changes are done, too, in order to ensure continuous improvement. The companies that wish to remain competitive after 2007, need to understand the advantages that the implementation of such a solution can bring" says Nicolae Fildan, Constanta Area Sales within SIVECO Romania.