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SIVECO Romania’s seminar for presenting the company’s solution dedicated to the utilities sector

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bucharest, 23 of February 2006 – Recently took place in Deva a seminar where SIVECO Romania presented its solution dedicated to the companies that activate in utilities sector a (heating, water distribution, natural gas distribution, sanitation services), based on SIVECO APPLICATIONS integrated Package.

In the presence of a numerous companies from Alba, Hunedoara, Timiş, Arad, Cluj, Bihor, Sălaj, Gorj counties, SIVECO Romania’s specialists presented the advantages of using SIVECO Romania’s solution dedicated to this sector.

Implementing the Billing Management Component significantly improves the activities of any utilities suppliers: better monitoring of invoicement /payment process, record of unpaid invoices and monitoring of debtors, individual receivables record or customers record per area, individual customer complaint records and the record of how the complaints were settled, obtaining the production statements specific to an application at any moment, fast adaptability to legislative changes related to changes in utility prices.

With the Contract Management Components contracts can be defined and monitored, starting with the negotiations until closing or annulment. The contracts are simple or with tree structure, in phases or sub-phases, with as many level as needed. The contract phases can develop successively or in parallel.

The Litigations Management Component ensures providers with a clear evidence of payments refusals and debtors’ legal issues. With this information tool penalties are calculated according to payment delays, notifications upon debtors, legal files, legal orders.

SIVADOC speeds up and streamlines the organizational processes, contributes to cutting down the document processing costs, improves communication and organization’s transparency, contributing to alignment to the present business trends.

SIVECO Business Analyzer – a Management Information System solution, allows specific customization for process monitoring, contributes to the analysis process improvement and  is a support for decision making.

"The implementations of SIVECO România solutions at Valea Jiului Autonomous Water Company PETROŞANI, SC Termoficare 2000 SA Piteşti S.C. Congaz S.A. Constanţa, HIDROSERV Haţeg, COLTERM Timişoara and I only mentioned a few of our clients activating in this sector, certifies SIVECO Romania’s expertise in this area” declares Sorin Dimofte, Manager of Sales and Consultancy Department within SIVECO Romania.