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SIVECO România’s solutions for small and medium size enterprise

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Recently, in Bucharest, took place a seminar which focused on informing Romanian companies about the standards and procedures imposed by European market with regard to information and communication technology.

Taking part in this event, SIVECO Romania emphasized the importance of SME’s investments in IT&C solutions showing some of the main advantages such as streamlining activities and cutting costs, extending and protecting the business on a market that becomes more and more competitive.  

Known on the market as one of the most important software complete and complex solutions provider, SIVECO Romania will launch an attractive offer for SME’s market, which includes a small number of pre-configured and pre-parametrized SIVECO Applications components, that meet all the needs of small and medium size organizations and at a very accesible price. SME’s solutions use Oracle Standard Edition One servers, which assures an optimum level of security and safety in manging the data and all these at a profitable price.  

The products and services our company provides permanently meet the market requests”, declares Sorin DIMOFTE, Manager of Direct Sales and Consultance Depatment within SIVECO Romania. „The services package that comes toghether with the offer assures a minimum period for implementation: end users training, technical support for rapid use of the system  and other specific documents

SIVECO România’ presence on the SME’s business solution market  is due to the need to develop this segment, which is vital for developping a healthy and functional economy. The IT-Based process has the support of both private and governmental sectors, through the SME’s IT-based strategies launched by The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Government, strategies that aim at developing small and medium size companies for 2004-2008.