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SIVECO Romania’s solutions – useful tools for streamlining activities in public administration sector

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Bucharest, 6th of April 2006 – Recently, SIVECO Romania presented within „Software solutions for public revenues and expenditure management” symposium, its IT products and services for public administration, the solution managing the follow up of the revenues generated in the local budget and implemented at Bucharest City Hall. 

The event, which took place in Brasov, on the occasion of ANIAP Board Meeting, aimed to identify the complete process identification mandatory for a public revenues and expenditure management solution.

An essential instrument in managing relationships with partners, Contracts Management Component within SIVECO Applications Integrated Package allows defining the contract types in use and enables a very detailed and accurate follow-up of the contracts, up to the phase stage.

Moreover, through this component information referring to contract articles, delivery terms, invoicing terms, collection/payment terms, penalties, commissions, discounts are managed.  The Contracts Management is integrated in the Inventory Management and Financial-Accounting Management component. In the Contract Follow-up module, the information is displayed over the issued/ obtained invoices, over the collection/payments made (from the Financial-Accounting Department), inventory transactions (inventories).

Contracts Management Component directly interacts with other SIVECO Applications components (Finance – Accounting Management Component, Inventory Management, Procurement Management Component)

The implementation of Contracts Management Component brings major advantages to any organization, either it’s public or private. Ensures Management of all information regarding contractual clauses, delivery terms, invoicing terms, cashing/payment terms, penalties, commissions, discounts; definition and electronic supervision of sales/supply contracts, from the negotiation stage to the conclusion of the contract; control of special situations, such as price/cost breaches, defaults or contractual payment restrictions.

SIVECO Romania’s specialists, presented the mandatory processes, showing on SIVECO Applications windows and modules, the entire workflow starting from contracts definition to the automated/ manual generation of invoices, cashing invoices /overdue payments,  automated calculation of additional payments and penalties and automated generation of additional payments/ penalties etc).

"By implementing the SIVECO Applications integrated information system, the City Hall of Bucharest has reached one of its main organizational goals: improvement of the activities within the institution, which would contribute to higher quality services – an extremely important aspect, considering that they serve the common citizen. Nevertheless SIVECO Romania has a vast experience in the public sector and I only mention a few clients in this area: Buzău City Hall, District 5 City Hall; National Agency for Human Resources;The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; National Customs Authority; Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc” declares Sorin Dimofte, Direct Sales and Consultancy Manager within SIVECO Romania.