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SIVECO Romania's Summer School

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bucharest, 18th August 2004 - Between 14 and 20 of August, SIVECO Romania organizes within the Virtual Center for Excellency and in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, the Summer School in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti County.

Permanent interested in the long-term investment in strategic human resources and promoting the life long learning principle, SIVECO Romania proposes to those interested - teachers and pupils-a training session in educational software development.

Courses are taking place in the AEL lab and the "Domnul Tudor" High school in Drobeta Turnu Severin makes the classrooms available for the participants.

The trainees were selected from the participants at "SIVECO CUP" and ".Champion", competitions organized within the Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania, but also from the active users of the forum on the SEI educational portal (

"The Summer School we organize intends to set the basis of a virtual community of software producers, meant to promote with scientific reasons the need for IT tools use as a complementary educational means", states Prof. Radu Jugureanu, e-Content Manager at SIVECO Romania.

"In order to reach these objectives, the trainees are presented both new programming formulas and new curricula and psycho pedagogy standards needed for new high quality educational products."

Designing educational software is in fact a multidisciplinary project for the curricula specialist, the programmer and the psycho pedagogue, the cooperation being a must.

This is the reason why IT specialists (AltFactor Galati and SpiderNet Bucharest's representatives), well known psycho pedagogues (Prof. Eugen Noveanu, scientific researcher Oplimpius Istrate from ISE Bucharest), teachers from different study subjects with renowned pedagogical performance and expertise in the new computer assisted teaching techniques.

Communication, collaboration and team spirit have equal importance in the training process and in the educational software design, and the generous geographic area where the Summer School is located, makes the age differences less important, puts aside the barriers between the teacher's desk and the classroom, eliminates the differences in the computer work experience.

"We hope this project will soon turn into a real knowledge adventure, the time and the place where professionalism meets passion and friendship", considers professor Radu Jugureanu.

The most significant reasons are offered by the trainees themselves, whose enthusiasm resides in each row of the daily newspaper they decided to edit during the Summer School.

About the Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania

The Virtual Center for Excellency SIVECO Romania comprises a series of initiatives in the educational field meant to contribute especially to promoting creativity in the computer based training.

This step is based on SIVECO's concern in developing complete and complex eLearning solutions.

The AEL eLearning platform was chosen by the Ministry of Education and Research as the backbone of the software applications developed within the IT-based Educational System (SEI), as a product whose educational features fit any type of learning: academic or corporate, for internal training needs.

The SEI program supports the objectives of the educational reform in accordance with the eLearning strategy developed by age European structures. It is also an important part of the European eLearninig initiative.

Up to now, the Virtual Centers for Excellency fosters two major competitions: SIVECO Cup and .Champion.