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SIVECO steps along the revolution of the circular economy: no more consumerism!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Romanian IT company will develop a ICT platform for Multiple Life cycles in the Automotive and the White Goods industries.

Since the Industrial Revolution, companies and consumers have used a linear model for the creation of goods. This model begins with acquiring the resources, processing them using energy and labor, and selling them as goods - with the expectation that customers will discard those goods and buy more.

With resources becoming scarce and highly priced, a new trend in economy has exposed the wastefulness of such take–make–dispose systems. Called `Circular economy`, this trend advocates conserving the assets and materials, so maximum value can be derived from them.

A drive towards a stable circular economy

The European Commission supports the industry in large scale implementation of circular manufacturing systems. In June, 1st 2018, a valuable research project kicked-off in EU: Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems (ReCiPSS).

For four years, the project will involve two industrial large-scale demonstrators of the Automotive and the White Goods industry. The project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776577-2.

Gorenje, one of the leading European household appliances producer will implement an innovative circular pay-per-wash scheme for washing machines in four European countries.  

In the same time, the world leading multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch will streamline the reverse logistics flow for 80,000 cores, enabling stakeholders to close the loop by using a single service provider for reverse logistics and by simplifying the existing complex trade levels.

The CoremanNet service network, well established in the European automotive aftermarket, will be the first to integrate these new services in its infrastructure.

For ReCiPSS, the Romanian partner – SIVECO - will develop an ICT platform for monitoring the customer behaviour and the asset usage in the white goods industry. SIVECO Romania will also develop a data management platform with standard data exchange protocols ensuring transparency and efficiency of trade networks and reverse logistics.

During the next four years, the partners will develop further circular tools, methodologies and ICT platforms allowing data exchange for both cases: the usage tracking or remote monitoring of washing machines as well as the value chain collaboration in the case of automotive parts.

The project brings together 13 partners from 8 European countries, with the support of an unique consortium of experts from 4 research and 9 industrial partners.