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SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency without borders

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Bucharest, 8th of Nonemver 2005 - The successs of the previous edition .Campion finalists to this summer international competitions and the extent of SIVECO CUP determined the organizer, SIVECO Romania, to extend the area of SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency. 

At the previous two editions of SIVECO CUP, teams from the Republic of Modova participated to the competition, now is the turn of .Campion competition to become international.

„Our competitions to this summer international competitions noticed the excellent performance of the Romanian team. This way they found out about .Campion and about the online computer science courses in Romania. And because the virtual environment has no borders we propose to them to train together, that is to participate to .Campion, and they were extremeely happy about it”, declares Ema Cerchez, .Campion. competition coordinator.

On the 1st of November was launched the third edition of .Campion, with international participation. The organizers prepared a website in English and launched the first round out of the twelve rounds of the competition.

„Romania is well-known for its excelent performances at computer science international competitions. The medals won by .Campion finalists are no accident: it proves that we have created an efficient and performant  training environment. We are happy that pupils from other countries wish to participate to .Campion”, declares Radu Jugrueanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.