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Skills development tools within companies

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

COMAVET project helps managers to properly assess training needs of employees.

Bucharest, 7 of October 2009 - Assessment of knowledge and skills acquired informally is a continuous process which helps employers manage and effectively use human resources.

The concept of Life Long Learning is supported and implemented by large companies that have resources, while at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are generalized gap between the needs for continuous training of employees and the lack of the employers posibility to ensure trainings. .

The overall aim of COMAVET project is to provide educational institutions in Europe with a new and very useful set of tools for managing competences in order to support European SMEs in the field of managed competence development. This objective will increase competitiveness in the European SMEs.

Focus to small and medium firms is particularly important since at this level there is an overwhelming proportion of employees who have received a minimum initial training. This creates the link and the second dimension of the project, namely devising a management system skills for vocational schools, ie educational institutions which provide initial and ongoing training.

COMAVET project provides all the European institutions and a new set of tools useful for defining, measuring and management skills. The main target is to identify those innovative products used by large companies and their transfer to institutions of technical education or economic development toolkits address growth management and hence quality education system. Cooperation with the SME sector will provide its support controlled development of skills and competitiveness in Europe.

"SIVECO Romania contribution focuses on developing solutions for managing tests that measured the 3 levels of competence: P - professional, I - Innovation, S - Social. However, SIVECO Romania is a pilot center that tests selected products," said Mihai Stanca, Project Responsible in SIVECO Romania.

The COMAVET project has as partners PD Consult, Denmark (project coordinator), CCC Central College of Commerce, Scotland, the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Romania, Romania SIVECO, EUC Nord, Denmark. CoMaVet - Competence Management in the European VET-Sector is a project financial supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci programme, contract LLP-LdV-ToI/2007/713

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