SIVECO awarded at Smart Learning Awards Dubai | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO awarded at Smart Learning Awards Dubai

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Romanian specialists from SIVECO were awarded at Smart Learning Awards, that celebrated the completion of the first phase of the national program to modernize the educational system in the UAE

Dubai hosted the awards ceremony for the partners and participants involved in the national program destined to modernize the educational system in the United Arab Emirates. SIVECO Romania, as a strategic partner of the program, was awarded by the Minister of Education and the general manager of the program for the results obtained so far in the program.

More than 500 guests attended the event. Among them, the Minister of Education, Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Quattami, the general manager of the program, Mohammed Gheyath, government officialities, reprezentatives of the UAE educational environment, reprezentatives of SIVECO Romania and of other parteners of the program, Intel, Samsung, HP and Microsoft.

The ceremony marked the successful closing of the first one year phase of the program. The purpose of the ceremony was to acknowledge the participants’ contribution within the process of modernization of the educational system in the Emirates, from strategic partners, schools and executive committees to the beneficiaries of the program: students and teachers.

The program represents an initiative of sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to encourage the education reform in the United Arab Emirates, as increasingly more countries acknowledge the importance of education and its impact on the economy.

The program marks the transition from traditional teaching to modern education based of new technologies to facilitate the learning process. The initiative was praised and found an extraordinary appreciation and support from both teachers and students. The program aims to support students to develop the new skills that are necessary to face challenges of modern society.

During the ceremony, the Ministry of Education said that this program is a great initiative in order to bring change in the educational system in the UAE and appreciated the importance and impact of the role that each partner had the success of the program.

SIVECO’s eLearning solutions have been implemented successfully until now in the Emirates schools. The solutions consist in the development and implementation of interactive educational resources for Math, Sciences, Arabic language, English language and Emirates studies, forming the largest digital educational library of Arabic language in the world.

"This outstanding recognition from the Emirates officials confirmed the contribution of SIVECO the modernization of the national educational system. We are proud to have the opportunity to work on a project as ambitious and visionary", said Alexandru Coşbuc, International Sales Vice-President in SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania is a permanent presence in the Gulf, successfully implementing national projects to modernize the educational system in the UAE, Oman and Kuwait, as well as countries in Europe, North Africa and CIS region.