SIVECO Romania’s offering for SMEs: an integrated IT solutions package, suited to their financial possibilities and demands | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania’s offering for SMEs: an integrated IT solutions package, suited to their financial possibilities and demands

Friday, March 13, 2015

During the SME Forum 2015 event, SIVECO’s specialists have presented to potential clients among SMEs the most efficient ways to increase competitiveness and profitability by using IT tools

Between 12-14 March 2015 SIVECO Romania attended the 4th edition of “SME Forum, solutions for SMEs”, held at Romexpo, Bucharest.

SMEs represent 99% of the total number of private companies, in most countries. In Romania, this percent goes up to 99, 6%. The most important segment - 68% - is owned by retail companies.

”SIVECO Romania is familiar with the specific demands of Romanian SMEs and is constantly focusing on developing applications that are designed to cover their requirements, helping them grow and consolidate businesses through an efficient management”, says Florina Ghindescu-Negura, National Sales Director, SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania’s offering for SMEs comprises an integrated IT solution, with functionalities that cover the market demands, at affordable prices for all companies.

SIVECO Applications LITE – is the optimum solution for managing and monitoring the SMEs activities. The solution helps at raising the level of consistency, coherency, relevance and accuracy of data. It also reduces the amount of manual documents processing.

SIVECO Business Intelligence – is a flexible and high performance IT system for management that monitors and correlates all the company’s activities, allowing real-time data processing.

AeL Enterprise – is the eLearning platform that can provide efficient training management and educational materials. AeL platform is based on a cutting-edge, flexible technology, which helps at saving time and reducing the costs allocated for professional training. The platform allows creating and managing with ease the training materials, also providing a platform available in 13 languages.

SIVADOC – is an IT system that allows en efficient documents and work-flows management and allows centralized inventory of documents, providing increased security, high performance and ease of use.

“Being designed as integrated solutions, SIVECO’s systems work as a whole. Our IT solutions ensure management for all the processes within a SME, from the management of different financial-accounting activities to the activities that predict the company’s performance indicators and to other specific modules”, says Florin Robitu, Area Account and Partner Manager, SIVECO Romania.