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The solution of Romanian youngsters to getting out of the crisis: entrepreneurship

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Six regional conferences have taken place in Craiova, Timişoara, Braşov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa and Iaşi in the period 31st March - 15th April

The events promoting the business culture have been organized by the Romanian Association of Youngsters with Initiative (ARTI), in partnership with Pro Vobis - National Resources Center for Volunteering and SIVECO Romania. The actions took place in the context of launching the strategic project "Development of innovation, creativity, responsibility and sustainability of the Romanian strategic entrepreneurship", ID 63270, under the logo "Be a young entrepreneur for the future!". Through these events the organizers aimed at bringing on the public agenda the idea of strategic entrepreneurship as a form of youngsters' involvement in the social change.

The 6 cities which have hosted the regional conferences will become, as of February 2012, training centers for the young persons interested in starting a business, where will be organized free professional training courses. From this point of view, the debates had the role of providing an actual perspective on the degree of interest and of preparing the youngsters, faced with the opportunities existing at the local level. As a general conclusion of the events recently concluded, the entrepreneur "vocation" has been identified by the youngsters attending the conferences as a viable solution to getting out from the current economic deadlock. Exactly a business idea has to appear as a solution to the community needs, the idea of being entrepreneur came out currently as a solution for the need of economic growth felt in each of the 6 regions targeted.

The events have been structured on 4 central topics, supported by relevant examples both from the area of strategic entrepreneurship, and of the social one, stress being laid on the competitive advantages of the young businessmen. Along to the young entrepreneurs and the persons aspiring to this status, have also actively participated to the event the following representatives:

• Of the local and central administrations - city halls, local councils, prefectures, county and local councils
• Romanian Parliament
• Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport - through the County Departments for Sports and Youth, as well as through the County School Inspectorates
• County Agencies for Employment
• Chambers of Commerce and Industry
• Territorial Offices for Small and Medium Size Enterprises and Cooperatives
• Student Associations and local NGOs active in the field of youth.

The entrepreneurs attending the event have appreciated:

Dr. Alexandru Drăguţ - young entrepreneur, Craiova, 31st of March: "A specialist in his field of activity is not automatically a good manager, too. To lead a business, the professional training has to be doubled by managerial skills".
Mihai Tătăran - entrepreneur, Timişoara, 6th of April: "The issue lies in a small quantity of information we have, as there are financial resources".
Constantin Gabor - young entrepreneur, Braşov, 8th of April: "A business has to provide you with the luxury to fail and to learn from your mistakes, which gives you the possibility to become flexible and to speculate every new idea".
Dan Koblicska - entrepreneur, Cluj-Napoca, 11th of April: "The entrepreneur wishing to be successful has to prove a certain degree irresponsibility and ...of a beautiful insanity".
Univ. Prof. Ph. D. Pepi Mitică - entrepreneur, Constanţa, 13th of April:
"The main qualities of a young entrepreneur imply creativity, courage, self control, independence and energy".
Sorin Grădinaru - entrepreneur, Iaşi, 15th of April: "The most important thing is to put passion in what you do, keeping an eye on the money, too".

For additional information:

Oana Baban, PR Responsible
Telephone: 40 745 532 752

The regional conferences "The strategic entrepreneurship and youngsters involvement in social change" are part of the series of events organized for the improvement of managerial and entrepreneurial skills of youth, with the purpose of developing the entrepreneurial spirit, increasing competitiveness and generating an increased number of businesses the objective of the project "Development of innovation, creativity, responsibility and sustainability of the Romanian strategic entrepreneurship". The project is developed over a period of 3 years and is co-funded by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, through the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, Priority Axis 3: Increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises, Major Field of Intervention 3.1. - Promoting the entrepreneurial culture, with a total value of 17,230,435 lei.