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Start in SIVECO CUP 2004!

Friday, January 23, 2004

Bucharest, January 23rd 2004 - The new year starts with great news for the talented pupils, who are interested in designing educational software, as well as for the teachers involved in creating innovative learning solutions: the second edition of SIVECO CUP - competition meant to designate the best educational software solutions - was launched!

The contest is organized by SIVECO România, being supervized by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, and with the help of PC Magazine media partner, aiming at maximizing the creative potential of young people from the undergraduate study level.

"This year, we expect a lot of high quality software. The experience gathered during last year edition and the success experienced by the "Cantemir Voda National College" from Bucharest at the ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN exhibition are real incentives for this year competitors. On the other hand, we can also see an improvement in terms of creation environment: every high school has a fully equiped and performant IT laboratory, where pupils learn not only informatics, but also mathematics, phisycs, biology and chemistry assisted by AEL. This eLearning platform developed by SIVECO Romania integrates interactiv lessons - models for the teachers and pupils interested in developing similar aplications", states Prof. Radu JUGUREANU, E-content Responsible at SIVECO Romania.

Professor Traian Ionescu, Manager of the Computerized Educational System program (SEI), innitiated by the Ministry of Education research and Youth considers:

"The main goal of the SIVECO CUP is not the emphasis on the participants? genuine talents in creating educational software, but the stimulation and rewarding of those who use their "creation sparkle" to offer new, innovative means of assimilating information, where the book, the blackboard, the chalk and even the pedagogical charm are not helping children enough in assimilatingknowledge".

As well as last year, SIVECO CUP addresses mixed teams, made up of maximum three pupils, regardless of their study level (IX to XII grade), a teacher and a technicalcounselor for the programming techniques used (the counsellor can be informatics teacher, a pupil from the final year or a student). Teams can have members from different high-schools.

"Already becoming a tradition, SIVECO CUP, can be regarded from a double goal perspective: first, it is about channeling the programming talents towards precise objectives, and then about preparing the new generation of teachers. The advantages are obvious for everybody, even for those who are not specialists in this field. Another major goal is the work in mixed teams - teachers and pupils- which allows the young specialists to be to learn that designing a system is not the result of a geniality moment, but a difficult thing, depending mainly on the human interactivity", says  Dan Iancu, Editor in Chief for PC Magazine.

Each team can post on its software application by May 15th 2004.

The most significant change occured in SIVECO CUP 2004 rules is related to competition being devided into 6 sections: mathematics and/or informatics, phisycs/chemistry/biology, literature, history and/or geography, technology, inter-disciplinary), in order to give equal chances of going into the final to applications from various subjects of study.

A demonstrative or partial version of the work can be accepted, and the next stage of the contest is only used for communication with the jury, who has a tutor role. The application has to be accompanied by the respective documentation, as well as by a short description of the lesson or theme they have adopted.

The deadline for applications submission is May 15th 2004. Any team registered in the contest can participate with several lessons in electronic form.

The works presented in the contest must have a didactical educational content, illustrating lessons in the educational program; a lesson in electronic form refers to a succession of didactical stages during a 50-minutes lesson taught in class, with the computer, directly by the teacher. They must be interactive and can have, as informational support, web technologies:  HTML, Flash or Java, or compatible with ActiveX.

The evaluation of the works will be made by a unique commission made up of SIVECO Romania representatives and teachers named by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, and acknowledged for their didactical activity in the inter-disciplinary areas.

During the final stage, which will take place between 5th-8th June, the first 15 teams will be selected, in the order of the points they will have obtained. They will present the applications both in executable and source form in front of the commission.  

The results of the contest will be made public before the ceremony of award giving. 

The results of the contest will be made public before the ceremony of award giving. 

 The works will be awarded in the decreasing order of the points they?ll have obtained, within the limits established by the commission and published before the final stage of the contest. 

The commission can also offer special prizes, establishing criteria that will be made public before the final stage of the contest.

The great award consists in sponsoring the whole team who created the project so that they can visit a representative exhibition in the eLearning domain.

Further details can be obtained by visiting or

About the eLearning System AEL

AEL is an integrated system assisting pupils, teachers and all the participants at the learning process developed by SIVECO Romania and constitutes the axis of the software applications in the information program of the Romanian schools.

Started in 2001, the program promotes in Romania educational methods aligned to the European standards.

The AEL system is built up based on modern educational methods, which conform to the three stages, which generally define the educational process: obtaining basic knowledge, developing the tactical and strategic thinking.