Starting the first days of the year, the SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with new beneficiaries | SIVECO Romania

Starting the first days of the year, the SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio enriches with new beneficiaries

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bucharest, January 21, 2005 –  The alignment to international market, especially the European one, requires the information projects to take charge for all Romanian companies, as the earliest investments this year are in information technology.

The success SIVECO Applications encountered on the Romanian market received the trust of UMB COMERCIAL SA BACAU group of companies, the first private manufacturer of industrial valves, active on internal and international markets.

UMB choose to implement all the components of the SIVECO Applications integrated package in all 8 companies part of the group.

„This contract for implementing the SIVECO Applications at UMB raises the weight of private clients for SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio and, at the same time, contributes to extending the competencies and expertise further to another industry area, thus proving the flexibility of our information solution, able to met any request, for any kind of organization, regardless the industry it is part of”, said Irina Socol, General Manager SIVECO Romania.

Gathering over 11 years experience in development and implementation projects, the SIVECO Applications information solution developed step by step, based on most diverse demands our client have, facing rapid changes in legal frame and technology on the Romanian and international markets.

SIVECO Romania understands its beneficiaries’ needs to manage the information.

The success of SIVECO Applications is set by several capabilities:

§         Entirely developed in Romania, adapted for the current legislation;

§         The international version of SIVECO Applications has been released, according to its development strategy toward achieving the European Company status;

§         The product presents IAS reporting capabilities;

§         It can be customized according to client’s needs, regardless the size of the company or the industry it is part of;

§         It enjoys an extremely flexible technical support, and the implementation process is not closed until the solution is completely functional.

The integrated capability is provided by the unitary conception used during the development process, by the client/server, n-tier architecture, the development environment and Oracle database. The user benefits from the same graphical interface, ass all the components use the same standards, working procedures, information objects.  Also, data security is treated in the same way, and the access rights are established very rigorously.

Also, the permanent concern for satisfying clients’ needs result from the client satisfaction survey conducted in 2004: 72% of the respondents agrees that SIVECO Romania answer their requests. The main reasons for the positive appraisals are: the company’s ability to solve clients’ problems and the provided solutions’ performance, as well as good communication.

In 2003, according to the IDC study for 2003, SIVECO Applications recorded the highest market share on the EAS solutions market, with 30.9%, three-fold the market share in 2002, and is the leader of the IT services market in Romania.