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Students learn easier by using the “” educational resource

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recently, at the „Grigore Moisil” high school from Bucharest, was officially launched the first „Learning Gateway” educational portal from Romania -„”- a didactic resource extremely useful for teachers, pupils and parents. 

One of the main objectives of the “” is to involve young people in the education process by stimulating their curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering new and interesting things with the help of modern technologies. The portal motivates students to access the learning resources from school or any other place. Parents also have access to information, thus being able to accompany their children in the learning process. 

Over 95% of the 770 pupils from the „Grigore Moisil” high school, the majority of their parents and the school’s teachers, local community and county inspectorate representatives, as well as a general inspector from the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation participated since the debut, in carrying out this project.

The project is an innovative way of involving the local community members in the education process. The portal represents an important source of online data that offers updated and accurate information to all those interested in education. One of the main benefits of the project focuses on the importance of collaborative learning for transforming the entire educational process and making it more efficient. 

During the launch event, there were presented practical demonstrations of what is an educational virtual community: the use of on-line educational resources between teachers and students, interdisciplinary lab experiments, on-line projects and the "Virtual Catalogue” application. 

"The "Learning Gateway" Portal is a perfect way of communicating and disseminating the information as well as storing the necessary materials for the educational process. The educational actors use IT&C solutions according to the role they have. All students have at least one project published in the dedicated section - My Site, and also use the Portal for collaborative projects. 75% of teachers use both the AeL lessons, as well as other features of the portal, such as online publishing of projects and dissemination among colleagues of didactic documents. Parents’ participation in the regularly meetings has improved significantly due to the notices read directly from the portal" said Ioana Neacsu, director of "Grigore Moisil" High School. 

The “Moisil Portal” allows enhanced interactivity and communication between teachers, pupils and parents, thus creating the premises for a modern way of teaching and learning, much more open, flexible and accessible. The traditional process of teaching is now more efficient and parents get directly involved in the education of their children. 

“We are delighted to develop the public private partnership with the “Grigore Moisil” high school. By including the portal in the daily activities the high school proved to be one of the promoters of the education ecosystem in Romania. The community that includes teachers, students, parents and representatives of the management, created an extraordinary framework for collaboration and communication for improving 21st education” states Sanda Foamete, senior Manager for Education Programs, Microsoft Romania

The didactic process is improved by using the AeL solution, developed by SIVECO Romania, that is perfectly integrated with the Microsoft Learning Gateway portal and its resources. The AeL platform allows teachers to get involved in creating educational content (interactive lesson). The AeL eLearning solution also includes the “Virtual Catalogue”. The application allows the publishing of pupils’ grades in the portal. In this way, parents can access the portal and find out in real time their children’s’ grades. 

"Education is an important element for the Romanian general strategy. Together with our partners we have developed this project in order to attract students in the adventure of knowledge, so they can assimilate useful information in a new and pleasant way”, said Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Manager, SIVECO Romania. 

The world of education technologies is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of students since it is obvious that young people communicate better through Internet. The pupils are no longer attracted to the traditional type of school, mainly due to obsolete teaching methods. Therefore the desire of young people to use the new technologies should be channeled towards obtaining educational benefits. 

The creation of the educational communities is an essential component of the education reform in Romania and is a necessary step for building a genuine knowledge society, competitive at European level. The "Portal Moisil" project represents a successful example of how a public private partnership’s outcomes are viable and useful for the Romanian society.