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Successful female careers

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
850 women took part in the professional training courses organized in the project "Equal chances for successful careers”

“Right person in the right place” is the motto of any Human Resources manager. The participants in the project ”Equal chances for successful careers” have debated on human resources topics, agreeing that a company can develop itself if it knows capitalizing on the potential of its own employees.

The human resources professionals have exchanged their experience and have had the opportunity to see precisely how the human resources management is applied in various fields of activity, have exercised the presentation techniques, have practiced for drafting the job positions, and have presented various styles of a structured interview, as well as the most frequent questions encountered during the job interview for particular positions.

"Within the project implemented in partnership by SIVECO Romania SA (Beneficiary), Academy of Economic Studies (Partner 1) and Mediafax (Partner 2) 40 training sessions have been completed in several development regions: Bucureşti, Iaşi, Cluj, Ploieşti, Constanţa, Braşov, Craiova, Timişoara. The series of professional training programs has included 4 courses: Entrepreneurial Competences, Manager, Human Resources Manager and IT Competences”, has stated Rodica Papadopol, Project Manager.

Out of the 850 women participating in the training programs within the project Successful careers for women, 440 were from Bucharest, Timişoara - 26, Cluj - 64, Iaşi - 81, Braşov - 58, Craiova - 21, Constanţa - 85 and Ploieşti - 75 women. 

90% of the women who have participated in the courses believe that these will improve their career opportunities.

"The dynamics of change in all the fields of activity gives a high flexibility to the lifelong training programs, adjusted to the professional training needs of the labor market. SIVECO Romania provides courses blending harmoniously the system based on the face-to-face training and the one based on computer based activities, by means of the interactive multimedia materials. Thus, the competences and skills acquired by the participants in the lifelong professional training programs run by SIVECO Romania, in a public – private partnership, ensure the career success", has declared Dana Vlădoiu, Program Manager SIVECO Romania.