A Successful Partnership: ATLAS GIP and SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

A Successful Partnership: ATLAS GIP and SIVECO Romania

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Bucharest, 9th July 2002 - The successful SIVECO Applications implementation at ATLAS GIP is based on quality and performance.

ATLAS G.I.P. S.A. is the largest logging and perforating company in Romania. With an over 50-year experience of services provided to the drilling and extraction companies operating in the oil industry, ATLAS GIP continues the tradition of the former firm Intreprinderea Carotaj si Preforare Ploiesti. ATLAS GIP dominates the well geophysics market, its biggest customers being the two national companies: SNGN Romgaz Medias and SNP Petrom Bucharest. In March 2000 the company was privatised, the majority shareholder being the group Tender SA, with 70% of the shares.

"Now, ATLAS GIP is on a new track, first owing to the ideas and initiatives of Tender group", declared Flaviu Pop, General Manager of the company. "On of these initiatives was to implement an integrated, operational, highly-performing IT project, in order to allow the company executives (down to, and including the heads of sections) the access in real time to all the company data related to both economic and human resources. SIVECO Romania was selected owing to the acknowledged quality of its products, and also to the accessible price of the proposed solution".

Computerizing the company targeted first three fields of activity: financial-accounting; stock management ; human resources. These three domains are the base of a pyramid, whose sides converge in order to finally offer the control panel of the general manager.

"I can tell you that the details the company are no longer be focal for me at a certain moment, I shall simply be interested in growth and losses, because finally a general manager must have one goal: pursuing PROFIT", declared Flaviu Pop.

Presently, SIVECO Applications is in the production stage, and its use allows the company ATLAS GIP, a major player not only on the internal market, but also on the international one, to obtain performances which guarantee its productivity at global scale.

Since the company has 12 working bases, in Romania and in Kazakhstan, such bases will also be integrated into the system in the second half of 2002.