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Successful Romanian Brands

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bucharest, 18th of October 2006 – The study done by CSOP (The Cente for Studying the Public Opinion researching on the notoriety of Romanian IT companies – indicates a higher appreciation of the local IT solutions dedicated to businesses administration.

The respondents inquired – managers, directors of departments, experienced personnel familiar with ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) offered valuable information for the software providers, respectively, what brands are more familiar to them, the reason why they do use them or do not, their expectations regarding a performant ERP application.

According to the study, both SIVECO Romania and SIVECO Application brands – the integrated software solutions   business package – are familiar to Romanians, proving a high spontaneous and assisted notoriety.  According to the study, when respondents were requested to name the first IT company provider of ERP, which is top of their minds, they named SIVECO Romania. SIVECO Applications, as an ERP solution, also enjoys a high spontaneous notoriety, being ranked on the second place among the mentioned solutions. As regards the assisted notoriety, SIVECO Romania and SIVECO Applications are placed on the top of IT industry brands, outrunning internal and external top solutions present on Romanian market.

The notoriety that SIVECO Romania has on the market entitles the presence of SIVECO brand in the catalogue “Successful Romanian Brands”, prepared by “Financial Week” (Saptamina financiara) magazine. This recently released catalogue presenting Romanian brands that made history, outlasts time, create a good impression in the minds of the consumers and set the tune on the market, launched in recent years. In the IT&C category, SIVECO brand distinguishes itself through a consolidated position on the market, by a unitary communication, very familiar to the Romanian public. 

By involving the employees, clients, partners and specialized agencies the SIVECO brand consolidates its unitary position for its public.  The communication of the company is always focused on values that allow identification with people that form it, with successful projects developed, with involvement n in the Romanian social and cultural life. SIVECO became a brand that communicates the same values that makes the foundation of its activity: care for the clients and employees, quality and professionalism, performance, seriousness and selflessness.

Today SIVECO is a strong brand, build on persistence, trust and certitude that transposes into constant, coherent and transparent communication the meaning of SIVECO Romania for the local business environment. The appreciation resulting from naming the company among the successful Romanian brands - considered to be “the most valuable” in Romania, but also through its notoriety on the market, make SIVECO Romania a brand for the future, with promising potential, an image of Romanian software industry in the world.