SIVECO Romania’s Sustainability Report wins the national phase of Deloitte Green Frog Award 2016 competition | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania’s Sustainability Report wins the national phase of Deloitte Green Frog Award 2016 competition

Friday, December 16, 2016

The jury has appreciated „the significant progress in reporting, as well as the link to the local context and problems”, and has decided that SIVECO’s report is the best among those who have entered the competition in Romania

The 2015 Sustainability Report of SIVECO Romania has won the national phase of the Deloitte Green Frog Award 2016 competition.

The justifying of this nomination says as follows: „the significant progress regarding the reporting, as well as the link to the local context and problems, has determined the jury in deciding that SIVECO’s report is the best sustainability report enlisted in the Romanian competition”.

As winner at local level, SIVECO has automatically qualified for the regional phase, which establishes the best sustainability reports in Central Europe, with positive impact over the environment and society.

We are extremely honored that our 2015 Sustainability Report has won the Green Frog Award competition,” said Florin Ilia, President & CEO SIVECO Romania. “2015 marks our transition to what we call SIVECO 2.0, an European organization, with unique professional expertise, that has fundamentally revised its internal structure, policies and work procedures. In this respect, the GRI G4 Guidelines helped us a lot. Although it was difficult for us to develop an extensive shareholders engagement process, this was extremely useful because it made us clear what we had to change, what we could improve and what we need to preserve. Our 2015 Sustainability Report is the overview of this evolution and we regard the Deloitte Green Frog Award as a confirmation that we are on the right track.”

Green Frog Award is a competition aiming to identify and recognize excellence in the non-financial reporting in Central Europe, by analyzing the content, materiality, structure and creativity regarding communication, as well as the performance in sustainability and the strategic commitment of reporting.

This year’s competition includes five countries in the region - Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia - and takes place in two phases, one local and one regional. Only the local winners qualify for the regional phase. It is for the second time when Deloitte Romania promotes this competition.

The reporting of non-financial data will become mandatory starting with year 2017, when the EU Directive 2014/95/UE of the European Parliament regarding reporting made by certain large companies and groups of non-financial information and information on diversity comes into force.

As in each of the last eight years, SIVECO Romania has published in October 2016, it’s Sustainability Report - Creating Software that matters for Sustainability 2015

The report highlights the company’s activity throughout 2015, revealing the measures implemented for maximizing the social positive impact and minimizing the negative effects of the company’s actions.

In preparing the report for 2015, the company has carried out its first materiality analysis according to the international reporting methodology - Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - G4. This focused on identifying the material aspects relevant to SIVECO, through a wide stakeholders’ consulting process.

By validating this approach, GRI has granted the Materiality Disclosures Service organizational mark, fully recognizing, in a formal and official manner, SIVECO’s compliance with its recommendations regarding this process.

In 2016, SIVECO Romania has become also member of the international GRI GOLD Community.

GRI promotes adoption and integration of the sustainable development principles, having as members top international companies from all sectors of activity -

Thus, SIVECO Romania has joined an international family of sustainability leaders, actually supporting this concept’s adoption.

“We are proud to count SIVECO amongst our core supporters in the GRI GOLD Community and support them in their continuing efforts to extract more value from the sustainability reporting”, says Sandra Genee, GRI Senior Coordinator Corporate & Stakeholder Relations.

In carrying out the 2015 report, SIVECO Romania collaborated with INNOVA Project Consulting, a specialized in sustainable development consultancy organization.

At INNOVA, we consider that sustainability reporting is like a journey. It starts with setting up economic, social and environment objectives and a strategy for identifying, understanding and managing all the material aspects, essential for the company and its stakeholders, and ends with reporting the performance registered. We are happy that SIVECO Romania has chosen us to make this trip together with us”, says Mihaela Croitoru, Managing Partner INNOVA Project Consulting.