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SVAP 2007 – a step toward European economic integration

Friday, September 17, 2004

Bucharest, September 1, 2004 – The opportunity of the European integration is a chance as well as a great challenge for the Romanian economy. Being part of a family of nations and the security it brings ensures access to the largest market in the world, to funds aiming regional development of the Union, having all the possibilities related to economic growth and new jobs.

2007 will a turn point involving the alignment to the European standards: legal changes, reforms for the banking system, modern infrastructure and services.

"The organizations that intend to stay in the market after the adherence must insure their businesses in order to face new requirements. The market is stable, with mature players and demanding consumers. The Romanian companies must find market niches and provide compatible products and services", said Mrs. Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.

All these can be achieved with complex, dynamic and flexible strategies, also by understanding the available information, as well internal and external.

"The most efficient solution for managing the information that influence the internal business processes of a company is an integrated information system, whose components manage the main streams of business", said Mrs. Aurora CRUSTI, Director, SIVECO Applications Department.

"SIVECO Applications is the integrated information package (EAS – Enterprise Applications Suite) designed for organizations active on the EU market – international companies that are already part of this market or prepare for it".

Image of a ten years experience worth, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed bit by bit, based on the requirements of its various beneficiaries, meeting successfully the changes in legislation and technology in the Romanian and international environments.

At this moment, Romania more than 10,000 users and 350 Romanian organizations use SIVECO Applications or components of it.

Over 57% of these are private companies, active in a wide range of domains, such as The Romanian Company of Beer, Orange Romania, MEVA, Raiffeisen Bank etc.

In 2003,according to the IDC study for 2003, SIVECO Applications recorded the largest market share for EAS solutions, with 30.9%, three times compared to the previous year, ranking No.1 on the Romanian market.

Besides its flexibility and the high customization degree, SIVECO Romania ensures also a high level of satisfaction among its clients.  This way, following a study conducted by TNS-CSOP research company this June, it shows that two thirds of the company’s clients considers working with SIVECO Romania easy and very easy, as the company meets totally or most of their requirements.

Compared to the previous versions, the new one has some highly competitive at international level, as they allow economic organizations the achievement of high performance in the EU market.

The Financial Accounting Management Component, with IAS capabilities, performs the translation of the accounting data according to international standards. The module allows reports and statements according to the OMFP94/2001, harmonized with Directive IV issued by the European Economic Community and International Accounting Standards.  The application related to the companies migrating from internal reporting to international ones, as well as to those that already report according to IAS.

The Production Management Component – one of the most complex solutions for discrete production, development with latest software programs at European level (Prolog).  It comprises a suite of modules with specific functionalities, aiming more efficient production processes, the management of the preparations, programming, launching, monitoring and controlling production processes. The Component received exceptional references, as it has been required and implemented by numerous organizations, from different industries, such as aeronautics (Aerostar), rolling stock producers (MEVA, ROMVAG), furniture producers (Libertatea), telecommunication (Topex), equipment producers (Anticoroziv, Romanceram, Uztel) etc.

The Cash-Flow Management Component – the solution for managing and controlling the money, with positive influence over the financial revenues, given the possibility to schedule the payments and incomes (by reduced bank commissions and high bank interests).  The Cash-Flow Management Component ensures the control over the money and breakdown, this leading to correct financial decisions.

The Billing Management Component – a modern software product, which manages a large volume of invoices, as a result of a large number of clients, specific for utilities providers, telecom operators etc. The solution keeps track of the clients’ consumption, per location and per total, this leading to reducing the number of debtors. It has been designed according to the Law of Accounting no. 82/1991, and the subsequent legal changes, also the norms provided by the Order no. 29/23.12.1993 of the Public Work Ministry – The Department for Local Public Administration.

The Cost Controlling Management Component – a product that manages and controls the costs.  It covers an entire accounting stream, starting with managing the primary documents, having possibilities to define and configure the distribution of costs.

For the international companies active on the European market, SVAPPS 2007 has certain advantages compared to well-known EAS solutions, since it has a flexible technical support and an implementation is not considered closed until it is completely functional. More over, the system is easy to adapt according to the client’s requirements, as it can be modeled after each organizations' specific, regardless to the size or the industry.

For the companies which prepare for the European economic space, SIVAPPS 2007 is an extremely advantageous offer compared to the concurrent ones, with versions in German and English, financial reporting capabilities and wide possibilities to legal changes.

"The possibility to fully control the business is one of the competitive advantages for Romanian companies active on the European market", said Mrs. Aurora CRUSTI, Director of the SIVECO Applications.