Implementing IT solutions for the Employees’ Performance Management increases the organizations efficiency | SIVECO Romania

Implementing IT solutions for the Employees’ Performance Management increases the organizations efficiency

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
IT solutions for the Employees’ Performance Management are vital for the companies coping with the competition and the challenges of the ever changing business environment

The Module of Employees’ Performance Management within Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2020 proposes a manner of personnel examination and evaluation improves the quality of the professional training process and manages the employees’ performance. The component is capitalizing on the extensive experience that SIVECO Romania has gained in providing and implementing integrated information systems for beneficiaries from very different fields of activity.

Following the implementation of the Employees’ Performance Management Module results a strict record of all the evaluation and staff performance management processes. The data referring to the human resources’ performance are processed in real time, thus resulting analyses referring to: performance evolution in time, structure of the competences per levels of competence and positions filled within the organization, quality of labor, training requirements etc.

Benefits of the IT solution for the Employees Performance Management:

  • Existence of a consistent framework for data operation at the level of the entire organization
  • Ongoing monitoring of the employees’ performance based on quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Modeling the business processes and flows of documents specific to performance evaluation
  • Costs reduction and increasing the efficiency of the activities in the Human Resources Department
  • Ensuring decision making support for appropriate allocation of the budget dedicated to professional improvement activities
  • Maintaining the entire information history on-line, at the disposal of authorized users.

"Using the Employees’ Performance Management Module within the integrated information package SIVECO Application 2020, companies and institutions create a strong competitive advantage, having access to diversified functions for monitoring and evaluating the quality of activity performed by employees. This way, the decision making factors have a strong instrument for motivating staff, an instrument which is at the same time objective, and also flexible enough in order to adjust to the ever changing needs in the field of human resources management", says Lăcrămioara Bârseti, Manager SIVECO Applications Department.

The Employees’ Performance Management Module provides great flexibility in operating the functions specific to every organization, as well as adjusting to the legal changes in the Romanian economic environment.

The application has sub-modules closely monitoring the workflow, through a friendly graphic interface, uniform at the system’s level, and which assists and guides users in carrying out their tasks.

Within the application, personnel’s evaluation is based on a wide range of criteria and objectives, while data confidentiality in the system is being ensured through an advanced encrypting mechanism, as well as by a mechanism for monitoring the system’s operations at user level.

The Employees’ Performance Management Module, developed by SIVECO Romania, has the advantage of interacting natively with other components of the integrated solution of EAS type (Enterprise Application Suite) - SIVECO Applications 2020, a solution dedicated to companies and institutions from all economic sectors.

In this context, using a unique data structure avoids duplicating information and facilitates its more efficient exploitation.