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Teachers will have an international library

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ASPECT project involves experts from 9 Ministries of Education in Europe.

Bucharest, 13 October 2009 - Could you imagine a library of educational resources selected from around the world in which teachers can access anytime? It is not a picture from a movie, but a project that will happen soon.

ASPECT project (Adopting Standards and Specifications for Educational Content), in which SIVECO Romania is partner aims to enrich the existing library with a valuable educational content that teachers have easy access and who can choose any material desire, for use in classrooms.

ASPECT will take steps to address the potentially damaging 'disconnect' between standards bodies and experts on the one hand and educational policy makers, ICT advisers and practitioners on the other.

"From the perspective of Ministries of Education taking part in project, a key result will be that teachers' views as well as those of technical experts will have been considered during the pre-standardization process. The project has a strong research and innovation component in standardization of digital educational resources," said Delia Oprea, SIVECO Romania Project Coordinator.

Partners in this project are SIVECO Romania, EUN Partnership aisbl (EUN) BE, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) BE, Cambridge University Press (Holdings) Ltd. (CUP) UK, University Koblenz-Landau (KOB) A, Instituto Nazionale di Documentazione per l'Innovazione e la Ricerca Educativa (Indira) IT, RWCS Limited (RWCS) UK, Vocabulary Management Group (VMG) UK; Eifel Association, European Institute for E-Learning (Eifel) FR, Universidad Vigo (Vigo) ES; Icodeon UK Young Digital Planet SA (YDP) PL; svietimo Informaciniu technologijų Centras Valstybės Biudzetine įstaiga (ITC) LT; EduCentrum (EDUC) BE, UNI-C Danmarsk EDB-Center for Uddan (UNI-C) DK; FWU Institut fur Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht GmbH . (FWU) DE, DG Innovation and Curriculum Development - Ministry of Education (DGIDC) PT, University of Ljubljana (UL), educa Public Utility Company (educa) HU, The Open University (OU), UK, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Jyväskylän University (JYU ) BE, National Center for Documentation pédagogique (CNDP) FR.

The project is co-funded by the eContentPlus programme of the European Commission (contract: ECP-2007-EDU-417008), and has a budget of 4,624,997 Euro, 80% co-financed by the European Commission. Website: http://aspect.eun.org.

SIVECO Romania has an important expertise in development of European projects - CORDIS portal or the European Aviation Safety Agency. Alongside the prestigious international organization, SIVECO Romania is involved in important projects such as P-Cezanne (Integration of Nano-Biology and ICT to Provide a Continuous Care and Implantable Monitoring System for Diabetic) EduTubePlus (European curriculum related video library and hybrid e-services for the Pedagogical exploitation of video in class), ALIS (European Automated Legal Intelligent System), Ave Exemplo (Assessment, Visibility and Exploitation of non-formally acquired competencies of experienced Employees in enterprises), ACGT (Advancing Clinico-Genomics Trials on Cancer) , LD - CAST (Local Development Cooperation Actions enabled by Semantic Technology) and many others.