Technology investments - an important factor for Romanian utilities sector’s alignment to EU standards | SIVECO Romania

Technology investments - an important factor for Romanian utilities sector’s alignment to EU standards

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bucharest, 19th of May 2006 - Recently took place in London the “Romanian Utilities Summit”, organized by Europa Events in partnership with the Romanian Embassy in London and British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

The event reunited guests from Belgium, Holland, England, Czech Republic and  Romania. The participants represented companies from the production, transport and distribution energy domain, other companies from the private sector as well as the representatives of different banking organizations (World Bank, BRD, BAC Investment Bank, etc.).

The conference examined the Romanian utilities industry, and its suitability for investors in the lead-up to EU accession.
The event aimed to help Romania adopt an energetic policy (investments, reorganization, governmental involvement) that will diminish the differences between it and the other EU countries with the help of investment companies and financial organizations.  Very important personalities in this domain and representatives of different institutions involved in financing this sector presented to the audience the experiences of other countries, identified the threats and opportunities of the energetic domain and discussed about the future of this sector in Romania taking into account the imminent EU integration.

Constantly proving its interest in contributing to the development of different economic sectors, SIVECO Romania participates frequently to such events being aware of the important role that private sector and the latest technologies play in the reorganization and modernization of the Romanian economy. SIVECO Romania has always answered to the needs of the companies in this sector. As a proof stay the numerous successful projects in this domain: PETROŞANI Autonomous Water Authority in Valea Jiului, SC Termoficare 2000 SA Piteşti, S.C. Congaz S.A. Constanţa, HIDROSERV Haţeg, COLTERM Timişoara etc.

The solution developed by SIVECO Romania brings to the utilities providers many advantages, such as:

  • Standardizes work procedures;
  • Consolidates data structures;
  • Bureaucracy reduction;
  • Time reduction when waiting and accessing information;
  • Increase customers’ trust in public organizations and services;
  • Rapid, direct and secure access to information;
  • Rapid and accurate customer’ s invoicing;
  • Offers the possibility to monitor the services used by the customers, to manage costs and establish budgets;
  • Offers the possibility to manage service interruption situations and allows follow-up of interventions;
  • Rapid and interactive solving of issues and requests;
  • Efficient contract management;
  • Resource optimizations, cost reductions.

The privatization of Romanian utilities sector impose a rethinking of the way this sector is organized, a reorganization based on competition, superior management and modern technologies criteria.  SIVECO Romania has numerous clients in this domain, which chose to use its solutions in order to increase competitiveness, develop new competencies and abilities” declares Vasile Neacşu, Manager Utilities Sector within SIVECO Romania.