By 2019, the investments for data security will exceed 1.2 billion USD worldwide | SIVECO Romania

By 2019, the investments for data security will exceed 1.2 billion USD worldwide

Friday, May 13, 2016

The audit of IT security’ vulnerabilities preserve the competitive advantage of an organization, protecting its data confidentiality, integrity and availability

We live in a world where information is one of the most valuable assets of a company. Billions of such data is processed and combined each day with the aim of creating other valuable information deciding on an organization’s competitive advantage as compared to its competitors.

The intensive exchange of information with help of  IT networks has lead to increasing also the risk of occurring security incidents related to data managed by companies, while statistics say  that by 2018, 30% of the organizations will adopt software analysis technologies for data securing, at global level.

As regards the need for protecting public data stored in cloud, some 20% of the companies will opt for developing governing programs for data security.

Thus, by 2019 one estimates doubling of investments in security applications, from  USD600 million in 2014 to over USD1.2 billion.

These figures clearly show that, at global level, organizations have become more and more aware on the necessity of a process by which one determines the vulnerabilities that their information systems are exposed to and its usefulness for activating the measures that make minimizing the negative effects of incidents possible.

The audit for identifying the IT security vulnerabilities is an instrument found ready at hand for any company. It protects its data confidentiality, integrity and availability thus ensuring its competitive advantage.

In the portfolio of solutions provided by SIVECO Romania, the security audit for verifying the vulnerability of information systems has an extremely important place to fill in.

“The techniques used by SIVECO specialists in vulnerabilities’ identification and assessment is based on the best practices in the field at international level, as the vulnerabilities discovered following to checking are being categorized depending on their risk level”, states Horațiu Nistor, Chief Information Office within SIVECO România.

Having over 24 years experience in the IT&C field and IT security in all domains of activity, SIVECO has proved unique capabilities regarding auditing the information systems, carrying out services of security auditing both in owns projects and also for information systems carried out by third parties.

The company has carried out several types of services in the field of information security, both for national and international customers, as well.

Based on the recommendations resulted following the security audit, the organizations get multiple and significant benefits for developing activities under optimal conditions:

  • Reducing or eliminating IT risks that might occur in the data network
  • Accelerating and increasing the efficiency of organizational processes
  • Improving the information flows in the organization
  • Preventing future operational losses
  • Reducing and optimizing costs for future infrastructure investments
  • Verifying the capacity of current network in supporting the business processes
  • Ensuring a competitive advantage and increasing the business perspectives.

The team of SIVECO specialists in services of auditing IT systems’ vulnerabilities, uses instruments and resources adjusted to each business, recognized and certified by international standards.