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The digital competences increase significantly the youngsters’ chances on the labor market

Thursday, February 8, 2018

SIVECO Romania is part of the consortium carrying out the European project ECOKT2015, meant to contribute to increasing the digital competences

Unemployment reaches alarming levels amongst European youngsters, affecting over 15 million people under 30 years old. Also, the deficit of digital competences continues to increase at European level in all fields, especially in case of the new technologies, and it is limiting significantly the business environment’s development.

SIVECO Romania is part of the consortium selected by the European Commission for implementing the pilot ECOKT2015 project, along with the companies Expertise France, – leader of the consortium, Dara Creative from Ireland and Lai-momo from Italy.

Within the ECOKT2015 project, it is developed and implemented an online training platform, called Compass, by means of which the young unemployed have access to free improvement courses, in digital format.

The Compass platform will go live in March 2018, while the youth in Romania are invited to participate in the process of selection of the target group within the ECOKT2015 pilot project, coordinated by SIVECO Romania.

The consortium partners make available 18 digital lessons (9 basic levels and 9 advances levels) which familiarize the youngsters with a realistic work environment, with respecting specific objectives, procedures and deadlines. The lessons will develop their digital competencies and will significantly increase their chances of finding a job.

The Compass platform is developed based on the principles of the DigComp (European Framework of Digital Competences for Citizens) framework, making available to European citizens the tools for improving the digital competences as regards employment, learning, leisure time, consumption and participation in society.

The youngsters will be able to access the online courses from anywhere, anytime, and they will be able to learn at their own pace, having the option to repeat them, whenever they need it.

In the project research stage, there were identified the age groups envisaged for the Compass platform:

  • The primary age group is formed of persons aged 20 to 25 years old, who have finished the secondary education and study in the post-high school education or are unemployed and are looking for a job;
  • The secondary age group is of persons aged between 26 and 30, who are currently either in the education system, or outside the labor market, and are looking for a job, as well as of persons aged between 15-19, still in the education system and who wish to improved their abilities for a future job.

The most popular types of careers from all the four countries (Romania, France, Ireland and Italy) where the ECOKT2015 project will be implemented are:

  • Teacher or Educator;
  • Secretary or Administrator;
  • Project Manager;
  • Marketing and Advertising Specialist;
  • Scientific Researcher;
  • Physician or Pharmacist;
  • Programmer;
  • Writer.

The youngsters in Romania who interested to enlist in the pilot project may request additional information via email, from the SIVECO Romania project responsible, Marius Preda (

Starting with 2009, SIVECO Romania develops over 20 IT projects for the European Commission, having direct benefits for all the EU citizens, being the only Romanian software company providing IT services directly to bodies of the EU Commission.