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60% of Romanian business leaders consider innovation a critical success factor

Friday, February 26, 2016




The European research-innovation project ACCELERATE aims at intelligently transforming the business in the IT field through consistent adoption of the latest technological innovations

Recent years have brought spectacular innovations in the field of technology, as most of them are considered as being vital for businesses’ success. The IT industry is maintaining its ascending and mature trend, becoming so popular that it is hard to imagine how a business could operate without it.

According to public statistics, the business leaders in Romania recognize the importance of innovation for the success of the companies they are leading, approximately 60% of them are stating that innovation has a big and very big impact in this regard. 78% of the respondents in the IT industry are very confident in this domain’s prospects.

However, innovation and launching on the market implies more than developing new technologies. Success in business still depends further on the capacity to provide customers with the products and services they need and for which, extremely important, they are willing to pay. More than ever, companies do methodically search the ideal match between product development, technological innovation and the demand on the market.

The project ACCELERATE (Platform for accelerating the market entry of products from the IT industry ICT) contributes significantly to the fundamental transformation of a business in the IT sector, through developing a software platform which will bring together services and information that companies, especially the start-ups, rely on in the launch to market process (GO-TO-MARKET).

The platform’s users will benefit from an expert system helping them to identify the modalities for accelerating their market entry and will make the instruments, methodologies, performance indicators available for them, as well as the examples of success stories, that will meet the identified needs. 

This European research-innovation project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finland), having as partners AAC Global (Finland), Aptual Oy (Finland), Bittium Wireless Oy (Finland), F-Secure (Finland), Inno-W (Finland), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), BEIA Consult International (Romania), SIVECO Romania (Romania), CogniStreamer (Belgium), SIRRIS (Belgium), Zenjoy BVBA (Belgium), University of Mondragon (Spain), Planet Media (Spain), SIVSA Soluciones Informáticas (Spain), TE Connectivity (Belgium), Tobagos (France) and VIFIB SARL (France). Launched in July 2014, the project ACCELERATE will be completed in November 2016. The Romanian consortium is formed of the companies SIVECO Romania and BEIA Consult International.

In the project’s current phase, associated to the period December 2015 - May 2016, within the Romanian use-case, SIVECO Romania is responsible for developing the ACCELERATE Business Intelligence type of platform, that will host the instruments and virtual media necessary to start-ups. This way, the companies will have access to services based on technological innovation, advanced processes and new software technologies, leading to consistent adoption of instruments and accelerating methodologies in the European technological industry, for reducing the failure rate in new businesses, for increasing the number of new businesses opened by the target group and for supporting the local initiatives for economic development.

BEIA Consult International has elaborated, in the project’s previous phases, the use – cases for the ACCELERATE platform by participating in various events dedicated to this topic, identifying challenges that start-ups are faced with.

Also, the main categories of groups co-interested have been defined, small and medium size enterprises, and start-ups respectively, wishing to launch a new product on the market, nonprofit organizations, students, business incubators or other entities interested in the ACCELERATE platform’s services, including the courses providers.

“SIVECO Romania is the coordinator of the consortium in Romania and plays an important role in the project development. By means of the software components developed by us with help of methodologies like SCRUM, the platform will have available tools supporting parts of the process for accelerating the companies development, services ensuring access to data supporting the performance of Go- to market processes and which are specific to searching for business partners, as well as project management instruments. The platform users will have easy access to all this information and data, being shared, transferred and assimilated at a fast pace”, has stated Monica Florea, Project manager within SIVECO Romania.