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The secret of successful companies: employees’ lifelong training

Friday, January 29, 2016

Using the AeL training platform, developed by SIVECO Romania, time spent by the employees in the training process can be reduced by 40%

The companies formed of teams of professionals, innovative and visionary persons represent the engines of global economy. But how can we build such a team, we wonder?

The answer is quite simple, apparently: a valuable team can be obtained and preserved only by the employees’ lifelong training. For this very reason, the HR managers and directors from successful companies are more and more concerned by their employees’ training, by using strategies of blended learning type. These blend traditional training with the one provided by educational platforms of eLearning type. 

The AeL online platform, developed by SIVECO, ensures quick transfer of knowledge , with significant costs reduction as compared to traditional training.

„Within the learning of blended learning type, the employees may go within the system through a series of courses, and afterwards they will complete their knowledge through sessions of traditional learning, applied workshops or practical testing. This strategy proves to be a winning one, as it also takes into consideration the human interaction, that the AeL  platform does not intent to eliminate”, states Viorel Jigman, manager AeL department within SIVECO Romania.

Using the AeL platform, each employee can plan his/her training depending on his/her priorities, allocating time for study on a daily basis. The AeL  users have confirmed that time spent in the training process can be reduced by 40%, as employees are not taken away from duty and there is no longer necessary to travel/ go to the training rooms.

Another certain advantage of the AeL platform is that it allows individual learning, each employee being able to go through the course at his/her own pace, dedicating as much time as needed in order to acquire certain skills. The employees  can communicate with the trainer and with their colleagues on the forum dedicated to the respective course and can address questions or learn from the answers posted on the forum.

Moreover, the AeL platform also includes a courses editor, a tests editor and one for creating opinion polls, which allows creation of courses specific to each company. Thus, unlimited courses can be  created, at no additional costs, starting  from the organization’s procedures and processes. The courses carried out can be run on any type of device, irrespective of the operating system: laptop, tablet or smart-phone. The AeL  platform can be used in a system Software as a Service (SaaS), or in Cloud. Thus the training costs in any company can be significantly reduced.