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Model 70:20:10, the training strategy of a successful company

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The employees’ training service, Cloud Learning, developed by SIVECO Romania, supports the managers and HR specialists throughout the entire training process within any organizations

In recent years, the training model 70:20:10 has attracted the attention of an ever larger number of companies in the entire world. Those who have already integrated this concept into their employees’ training strategy state that the model works and is as applicable as possible.

The model 70:20:10 is based on an intuitive concept, namely that people learn in a ratio of 70% from what they experiment, 20% through social exposure and only 10% from formal education. More exactly, most of what we learn comes from what we achieve in a practical manner through day to day work, then through social interactions with our colleagues, customers or business partners and just a small part through the courses we attend.

The employees’ training service, Cloud Learning, provided by SIVECO Romania, is in agreement with the model 70:20:10 and comes to support the managers and HR specialists, throughout the training process. Thus, the service allows them an excellent planning of the training, carrying out courses adjusted to their company’s requirements and evaluation of the competences acquired by employees, as an intelligent record keeping of the whole process.

Cloud Learning is perfectly integrated in a company’s blended learning strategy. The service provides support for experimental learning by ensuring the management and planning of “on-the-job” training (the 70% ratio), support for learning through social exposure and through collaboration by means of fora and wikis (the ratio of 20%) and support for classical training, online or blended learning (the ratio of 10%), including a package of courses included in the subscription”, says Viorel Jigman, manager of AeL department within SIVECO Romania.

The blended learning type of training implies that employees may go through a series of courses within the online platform, and subsequently they will complete their knowledge through traditional training sessions, applied workshops or practical testing.

Cloud Learning provides facilities such as synchronous or remote training, evaluation of employees’ knowledge, collaboration, training monitoring and reporting. Moreover, the service provides subscribers also a series of courses free of charge covering general subjects, such as fire prevention and extinction, work health and security, time management, team work, project management, human resources management, inter-personal communications or marketing.

The model 70:20:10 simplifies things a lot as regards the training needs at the company level. More precisely, organizations should focus rather on creating a collaborative working environment, on facilitating  ongoing informal communication among colleagues, as well as on facilitating knowledge transfer among employees. In addition, an online service, such as Cloud Learning, provides companies with a simplified training vision, based on practical principles, online training instruments and management of employees’ knowledge.

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